PIPSC Annual General Meeting – English – January 22, 2016 – 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Executive present: Claude Lord, Mathieu Sheehy, Darin Clausen, Jean Cadet, Sebastien Testeau

Guests : Suzelle Brosseau, Erik Mackay, Brent McColl (via video conference)

Members: 6 in person, 10 in Toronto, 1 in Winnipeg, 1 in Edmonton, 2 in Vancouver

13:10 Opening

  • Welcome to the members present and those joining via video conference in other locations
  • Introduction of new Executive and thanks including those present and Marco Girouard and Melanie Dubois
  • Approval and adoption of the agenda – 1st by Jean Cadet, 2nd by Sebastien Testeau
  • Approval and adoption of the minutes from the previous AGM – 1st by Darin Clausen, 2nd by Mathieu Sheehy

President’s opening remarks – Claude Lord

  • The first half of the year a great deal of effort was preparing for bargaining but with the election and change of government we were mostly back at square one. 
  • The other big item was the Workforce Adjustment Group. 
  • The join Evaluation Committee is almost ready and there seems to be consensus among other unions and HR about proceeding.  This is expected to begin around April 2016.
  • Results of the survey that was done on stress should be ready soon
  • Numerous individual files were attended to during the year with ERO Erik Mackay
  • The grievances for the salary grid problem are in queue and moving normally but very slow
  • Negotiations will be reopened with HR for a new collective agreement and we have been happy with a number of things including the apparent openness of HR, meetings with the Commissioner, meetings with senior management.
  • Thanks to stewards for their assistance this year.

Presentation of the financials – Darin Clausen

  • Financial statements were presented by Darin Clausen
  • Question by Moria Keigher about how the allocation is determined
    • Based on the number of employees members but limited by a cap on the account

President additional comments – Claude Lord

  • The NFB has hired a consultant to conduct a survey on workload but we want to ensure that is also focuses on stress in the workplace
  • The mental health aspect of the workplace is of critical importance to a healthy work environment
  • No consultation yet but it is expected soon

Update on Bargaining – Suzelle Brosseau, PIPSC

  • Presentation will be twofold, Workforce Administration (WFA) and Bargaining, and this will be broken into two different periods – pre-election, post-election
  • Bargaining started about a year ago
  • Government handed a mandate of 3 things to address, the biggest being a restructure of sick leave
  • Unions created an unprecedented coalition to fight together
  • There had been lots of discussion but the election call but everything on hold
  • Since the change in government there has been no new mandate to negotiate, they haven’t determined their goals yet
  • Suzelle has a meeting February 1 with the Treasury Board group and she may get an idea of where negotiations might head
  • Everything is much more hopeful with the new government but keep pressure on them to work together
  • For WFA there are few rules and we feel it should be in the collective agreement
  • There had been a great deal of negotiating and we had been closing the gap with HR before the election
  • Next meeting regarding the WFA is expected around the end of March and updates will be posted on the PIPSC website
  • Suzelle reviewed a summary of the changes to sick leave/disability that was the directive of the previous government and how very concerned the union was about the proposed changes
  • Reminder that the past agreement is still in force and that salary progression along the grid would continue, but without the cost of living increase until that is negotiated in the new agreement
  • Moira Keigher thanked the work of the PIPSC organization

Erik Mackay update and reminders

  • Erik wanted to remind everyone that we are all part of a union and we can, without legal fears, consult with the union, stewards, etc. with any questions or concerns.  Everything is confidential
  • No one should every feel bad about contacting a union member and no one should comment or discourage this – ie. your boss shouldn’t interfere or guilt someone about it.
  • Talking to a union steward or the union itself is confidential and a reminder that nothing can be done or said without your full permission
  • PIPSC is here to look after you and work with HR to resolve the problem
  • On the reverse side, members should also respect confidentiality
    • People talk but please be discrete
  • Rumours should not be spread at all.  They cause stress and make situations worse.  If someone wants to discuss a rumour with you, try not to be a part of it but if you have questions, please contact a steward.  Discretion and confidentiality should be most important.
  • Erik recommended looking up a story to illustrate the Triple Filter Test – Socrates story

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm