June 16th 2022


Opening 2:00 pm

1. Election of the president of assembly: Philippe Chartrand will lead. Proposed by Lydia Côté and second by Mathieu Sheehy


2. Roll Call (Members of the Executive)

○       Marco Girouard, President

○       Lydia Côté, Vice-presidente

○       Philippe Chartrand, Secretary

○       Jean-Eddyson Cadet, Treasurer

Guests: Erik MacKay, Employment Relations officer and Nicolas Daignault, Negotiator


3. Adoption of the agenda. Adopted


4Approval of the minutes from the previous General Meeting. Adopted


5President's report : Lydia reported for Marco in his absence.

Good collaboration in general with HR. Many discussions.

Overtime: HR presentations are positive. Change of culture.

Update of the Teleworking policy, good participation with HR and management.

Personal grievances resolved.

Reclassification grievance, retro payment received.

Turbulent period ahead with senior management vacant positions.

We’ll stay alert about situations in the implementation of the profiles for teleworking.


6. Annual Financial report: Jean-Eddyson reported. For those who want a copy, write to him. Question from French Assembly: what about the rest of the money? Explanation provided.


7. Reports of the committees

●  Committee against Violence and Harassment

●  “Respect” committee (diversity, equity and inclusion): EDI becomes Respect committee. Plan on having a safe place to share about difficulties.

●  Back to office committee

●  Joint committee on classification 

●  Presentation of the collective agreement bargaining round team and next steps (enquiry): Florence François, Carla Jones, Jean-Eddyson Cadet, Philippe Chartrand et Lydia Côté. Nicolas spoke about the issues to be discussed nationally: Central Table EDI, Care leave, parental leave, telework, greening the CA eco-responsible language. The team has met one time and will meet again many times this summer. New survey will be sent in September. Inflation is an issue already largely shared and exposed.

●  Mobilization committee - mandate adopted to take actions towards better funding for the NFB


Jean-François Côté: question : Is this a joint initiative/committee with other unions:

Answer: Yes, it is with the other union

A letter from the national president of PIPSC was sent to the minister to support our message.

Inviting people to get involved in committees.


Closing 2:40pm