PIPSC NAV CANADA Group update regarding Mandatory Vaccination for Federally regulated employees 

September, 2021 


Fellow Members, 

On August 13, the federal government announced its intention of mandatory vaccination for all federally regulated employees. The full news release can be found here. https://www.canada.ca/en/treasury-board-secretariat/news/2021/08/government-of-canada-to-require-vaccination-of-federal-workforce-and-federally-regulated-transportation-sector.html. Following this announcement, PIPSC released the following response- https://pipsc.ca/news-issues/announcements/pipsc-supports-vaccination-federal-employees-necessary-exceptions. Note the consultation referred to in the response does not cover NAV CANADA members.   


As you are aware NAV CANADA introduced their new policy today regarding mandatory COVID 19 vaccination for all employees (Attached). The group executive will be working closely with PIPSC to ensure your rights are protected and that NAV CANADA respects its obligation under our collective agreement (Article 17 Joint Consultation). 

If you have an accommodation request to be exempt from the Mandatory Vaccination Policy, please contact the following Employee Relations Officer at PIPSC for guidance--S. Tia Hazra, LL.B., LL.L. (thazra@pipsc.ca



We welcome your feedback and comments.  You can provide this by contacting a member of the group executive or a steward at the following links.   



Michael Simard 

PIPSC NAV CANADA Group President