NAV CANADA Executive Meeting

June 01, 2017 9:00 AM
250 Tremblay
Ottawa, ON


President (MS)
Vice President (PT)
Secretary (EF)
Treasurer (PV)
Member at Large (MK)
Member at Large (MD)
Member at Large (BW)

1. Call to order - MS
The executive needs to recognize Lori Delauniere as an observer; BW as absent; MD attending meeting in the afternoon.

2. Adoption of agenda - Executive
Moved by PV. Seconded by MK
Motion carried to adopt agenda.

3. Approval of Minutes of March 22 2017 - Executive
Motion moved by PT. Seconded by MK.

4. Business arising from previous minutes - Executive

5. President Update - MS
Bargaining is highest priority.
Vacation grievance policy third level.
Working on 2 individuals and 1 policy grievances.
Coordinated all day steward meeting.
Meeting with the exec management committee (Neil Wilson).
Consultation with other NAV unions for negotiations.
Attended NCR regional council.
Attended the PIPSC advisory council.
Attended NCJC meeting in April.
Attended NAV benefits bargaining.
Attended managerial review meeting.
Chair of election committee.
Attended NAV East sub group meeting.

Motion to renew the Monkey survey for 1 year membership: Moved by PT; Seconded by EF.
Motion approved.

Motion to buy extension cord and power bar for group meetings: Moved by PT; Seconded by EF.
Motion approved.

Motion to buy data storage device for President: Moved by PT; Seconded by EF.
Motion approved.

6. Vice-President Update - PT
Attended Bargaining rounds April and May.
Attended the NCR east sub group meetings
Attended Managerial review meeting in April
Attended NAV all steward meeting

7. Financial Update - PV
Got our allocation for 2017
Attended NCR regional council
Attended Bargaining rounds
Attended all day steward meeting
Answering emails.
More Ottawa South branch Bill C27 events.
May 6th, a new PIPSC treasurer policy.

8. Secretary Update - EF
Updated March 22nd meeting minutes.
Attended bargaining rounds in April and May
Email work and calls discussing bargaining topics.
Attended NCR regional council April 28, 29
Attended NAV All day steward meeting.
On the Ottawa Committee for pension security and Bill C27 Email group updates.
Answered members’ questions regarding our bargaining process and discussed CATCA ‘s offer.
As member of election committee, relayed results to members.
Helped members with collective agreements issues and clarifications.

9. Members at large update – MK/MD/BW

NCR regional council
Bargaining round in May filling for PV.
All day steward meeting
East sub group monthly meetings
Won NAV exec position member at large

Bargaining rounds
All steward meeting
Won NAV exec position member at large

10. All day Steward meeting feedback - All
Good feedback from all participants.
Introduction of Erica the new ERO.

11. Negotiations - Pierre/MS

June 5th and 6th a small bargaining group discussing the comprehensive packages to NAV labour relation leadership.
Coordinating a meeting on June 8th for the bargaining team.

12. Grievance Update - Erica Bernstein/MS
Grievance on vacation level 3.
Grievance on overtime: one of the executive and a member lost on overtime currently 2nd level.
A Member’s complaint currently being reviewed before a grievance. (A surplus issue)

NCJC has Benefits and Allowances committees:
NCJC (Benefits committee) Bargaining meeting held in May.
NCJC executive meeting held in May.

14. OSH report - BW
Nothing to report.

15. Other Business
Election results:
Congrats to our reelected winners and the new member on board the executive team.
Planning for our next exec. meeting in late Sept- Oct

16. Adjournment - Executive
Moved by MK; Seconded MD.