NAV CANADA Executive Meeting

May 15, 2020

Virtual through Skype

Ottawa, On



President (MS)

Vice President (PT)

Secretary (EF)

Treasurer (PV)

Member at Large (MK)

Member at Large (LD)

Member at Large (DM)

  1. Call to order

9:50 AM


  1. Adoption of agenda

Moved by LD. Seconded by EF.


  1. Approval of Minutes of December 06, 2019  

Moved by DM. Seconded by PT.


  1. Business arising from previous minutes
  • Others are complete.


  1. President Update
  • Since Dec worked on the Collective Agreement
  • Since March dealing with Covid 19
  • Attended weekly virtual executive group meetings


  1. Vice-President Update
  • Attended weekly virtual executive group meetings
  • Addressed questions from members about the return to work
  • Member’s question concerning overtime carry over; followed up with HR


  1. Financial Update
  • $5900 allocation for 490 employees as of a year ago.
  • Received the budget allocation for this year from PIPSC
  • Attended weekly virtual executive group meetings


  1. Secretary Update
  • The Oct and Dec 2019 minutes are published on PIPSC website
  • Since March 2020, dealing with Covid 19 and workplace related matters.
  • Addressed various issues and questions of members related to the pandemic
  • Attended weekly online Executive meetings with status updates
  • Updated executive on ATM Engineering all hands meeting of May 14, 2020


  1. Members at large update 


  • Attended weekly virtual executive group meetings
  • Answered questions from members
  • IM managers said that some teams can’t take vacations.


  • Attended weekly virtual executive group meetings
  • Attended Steward meeting
  • CIO IM town hall meeting in April
  • No OSH meetings downtown as employees are working from home


  • Attended weekly virtual executive group meetings
  • Several meetings with members (should consider hour reduction instead of layoffs)
  • March 5th steward meeting (OPEX reporting concerns)
  • Updated the Executive group on CNS all hands meeting.
  • 4 people in CNS taking the ERI (Non PIPSC 2 managers 2 IBEW)
  • CNS 2% reduction in CAPEX


  1. Negotiations


  • Pierre: PIPSC board members meeting this week, working on a 18 to 24 months’ plan “How to do business in the future”
  • Skype or Zoom meetings (teleconferences)
  • Travel cuts
  • Some bargaining continuing via skype
  • Financial situation in Manitoba even worse than New Brunswick
  • Gov of Manitoba workforce adjustments meeting with them - talk of layoffs for Engineers union.
  • Treasury board discussions of 2021 massive work adjustments (layoffs) (lots of people at home not working redundant work)
  • PIPSC is not in financial trouble due to lots of cuts and it is still collecting dues; and there are no talks of layoffs.
  • Mike: NAV close sessions commitments are postponed indefinitely
  • We went over the CA updates and once signed by PIPSC, it will be available





  1. Grievance Update
  • No active grievances and they are put on hold


  • Refer to section 5 (President Update)
  • Deferral of economic increase
  • One benefit meeting


  1. OSH report
  • OSH Meetings on hold. We will review for a nation candidate for OSH after the election of members at large.


  1. Other Business

a- By Law review: Mike and Dave will be reviewing election clauses

b- Scheduling Stewards meeting May 29th, 2020

c- Action item: Formulate Steward draft agenda meeting 12:30 or 2:30pm

d- FAQ doc prepared from stewards for the NCR members

e- Vacation encouragement: Management and Union will be sending out a joint statement encouraging members to take time off with no conditions

f- Group communications i.e. feedback from members, requests from NAV, assisting with solving the financial problems of the company. All ideas are welcome but should use caution not putting all our cards on the table. 

g- IM managers not approving vacation for some members during the pandemic

15. Adjournment                                                                                    


Moved by PV. Seconded by MK.