March 28, 2018 St. Elias Centre
750 Ridgewood Ave Ottawa, ON


1. Call to order

Mr. Gordon Bulmer chaired the AGM and called the meeting to order at 12:00 PM
Gordon Bulmer

2. Adoption of agenda

Moved by Jack Stalica. Seconded by Dave Marleau. Motion carried to adopt agenda.

3. Approval of the 2017 Annual General Meeting Minutes Moved by Kelly Eldridge.

Seconded by Kamyar Nazardad. Motion to approve carried.

4. Roll Call (members of the Group Executive)

Introduction of the Executive.
Present were: President (Michael Simard), Vice President (Pam Tricco), Secretary (Elie Francis), Treasurer (Pej Vongpaisal) and Members at Large (Maya Kassab, Michel Diguer and Laurie Delauniere (absent))

5. Business arising from the 2017 minutes


6. President’s report

The President provided his report for the year and discussed the following items:

  • Flex work arrangement and how it is stalled.
  • We began a process of filing a policy grievance on Flex.
  • Discussed career opportunities; CS4 competitions process.
  • People are overwhelmed, overworked and not taking vacations.
  • Will begin work on Reclassification program.
  • Will start forming the bargaining team.
  • Questions about competitions, management succession planning and Flex.

Michael Simard

7. Annual Financial Report


The summarized funding and group expenses for the year were presented by the group treasurer.

  •  Moved by Pej Vongpaisal. Seconded by John Morton. All in favor. Motion to approve carried.


8. Proposed By-Law Amendments


9. Negotiations Report

Mr. Pierre Ouellet, our PIPSC negotiator, presented and updated the members on the status of the bargaining negotiations.

10. Elections Committee Report


11. New Business


12. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn by Gordon Bulmer. Seconded by John Morton.
All in favor. Motion carried.

Chair Gordon Bulmer

Guest Speakers

Lee Robinson, NAV CANADA Manager Pension administration

Mr. Robinson discussed the Group savings program provided by Sunlife financial, available to all employees to help them save for retirement. He mentioned the Benefits and Pensions link on Central and that employees will be able to run pension estimates logging in from anywhere using the retirement planning tool which should be up and running late Spring.