NAV CANADA Group 2017 Annual General Meeting

March 22, 2017 17:00
St. Elias Centre
750 Ridgewood Ave
Ottawa, ON


1.    Call to order
Mr. Gordon Bulmer chaired the AGM and called the meeting to order at 17:05

Gordon Bulmer

2.    Adoption of agenda
Moved by John Morton. Seconded by Michael Wei.
Motion carried to adopt agenda.

 3.    Approval of the 2016 Annual General Meeting Minutes
Moved by Pam Win. Seconded by Dwight.
Motion to approve carried.

4.    Roll Call (members of the Group Executive)
Introduction of the Executive.
Present were: President (Michael Simard), Vice President (Pam Tricco), Secretary (Elie Francis), Treasurer (Pej Vongpaisal) and Members at Large (Maya Kassab, Michel Diguer and Brad Whitson)

5.    Business arising from the 2016 minutes

6.    President’s report
1. Attended the NAV CANADA Annual General Meeting in Ottawa in January 2017
2. Developed Lunch and Learn sessions for members- Overtime, Vacation Coffee Break Meet and Greet
3. Attended Light the Way Meeting in Ottawa and Annual Conference in Cornwall
4. Pension and Rates presentation all day meeting in June presented to all Unions
5. Coordinated NAV CANADA Bargaining Agents Association (NCBAA) discussion with six of the eight groups with regards to the right reward suggested by the company.
6. Raised concerns with regards to the possible Storage of your personal information being stored outside of Canada in the cloud.  Discussions continue to ensure compliancy with privacy laws and to insist that personal employee information be stored in Canada.
7. Successfully represented and defended employees facing disciplinary action
8. Continued working with NAV CANADA and PIPSC to review the managerial positions falling within the bargaining unit
9. Negotiated Memorandum of Agreement with regards to dependant contractors falling under the work of the bargaining unit
10. Chaired the West Sub group AGM in November 2016
11. Coordinated solution through Consultation regarding the banking of overtime in Engineering
12. Attended PIPSC advisory council committee meetings.  
13. Compiled Group Survey regarding the development of future Lunch and Learns
14. Compiled Group Bargaining Survey to establish Bargaining priorities
15. Attended Pension meetings with NAV CANADA as one of three members of the NAV CANADA Bargaining Agents Association (NCBAA) designated to represent the NCBAA members
16. Participated in an off-site meeting in Cornwall to provide input to the changes in the AERONAUTICAL INFORMATION MANAGEMENT (AIM)
17. Attended NAV CANDA Joint Council meetings.  
18. Attended the Annual General Meeting and recorded minutes for the following NAV CANADA Joint Council Committees: Executive, Allowances, and Benefits.
19. Attended NAV Canada Bargaining Agents Association (NCBAA) meetings as Vice Chair including the Annual General Meeting in December.  
20. Participated in the Alternate Dispute Resolution process to resolve conflict in the workplace
21. Attended the PIPSC Steward Council – Fall 2016
22. Clarified numerous queries regarding the interpretation an application of the Collective Agreement for members
23. Attended all NAV Canada Human Resources Union Management Forum meeting with all unions and management
24. Attended the CANADIAN AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL ASSOCIATION (CATCA) Annual General Meeting in Halifax 2017
25. Participated in the re-evaluation of multiple Positions in IM and Engineering
26. Worked with multiple employees on disability to ensure they had access to required resources to assist in their recovery.
27. Attended the International Federation of Benefits Conference including a training module on Trust Management.
28. Held Consultation meetings with all levels of senior management
29. Met with employees to discuss implications of the ERP replacement
30. Conducted competition audits and addressed anomalies where appropriate
31. Resolved issues at TSC by working with local stewards, the west sub-group and management
32. Resolved Second day of rest overtime issue
33. Attended PIPSC Annual General Meeting in November 2016
34. Elected as a Chair of the NAV CANADA Group Savings Plan (formerly Group RRSP)
35. Attended CEO (Neil Wilson) quarterly meetings with all union leaders
36. Coordinated and Hosted an All Steward meeting on January 20, 2016
37. Attended Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan update meeting in Dec 2016
38. Attended the International Federation of Employee Benefits Annual Conference in San Diego in November 2016.
39. Attended International Federation of Employee Benefits Training in Ottawa during the month of May 2016 to become certified in Advanced Trust Management.
40. Participated on the bargaining team for the Benefits Committee Cyclical Review – Ongoing
41. Hosted bargaining preparation meetings in October and December 2016, February and March 2017.
42. Began bargaining with the Company for the renewal of our Collective Agreement that expires on April 30, 2017
Michael Simard
7.    Annual Financial Report
The summarized funding and group expenses for the year were presented by the group treasurer.
- Moved by Jean-Marc Cousineau. Seconded by Jack Stalica.
All in favor. Motion to approve carried.

Pej Vongpaisal

8.    Proposed By-Law Amendments

9.    Negotiations Report
Mr. Pierre Ouellet, our PIPSC negotiator, presented and updated the members on the status of the bargaining negotiations.

10.    Elections Committee Report
The new election committee: Michael Simard, Elie Francis and Kamyar Nazardad.

This year’s elections are for the 3 positions of member-at-large.
Nomination forms must be sent by email at
Biographical sketches must be submitted in Word file only.
The nomination form and the biographical sketch must be sent by 4:00 PM (Ottawa time), March 31st, 2017 at

11.    New Business

12.    Adjournment
Motion to adjourn by Gordon Bulmer.
Seconded by Jean-Marc Cousineau.
All in favor. Motion carried.    Gordon Bulmer

AGM Guest Speakers:
Debi Daviau, PIPSC President:
Mrs. Daviau presented to the members; gave a quick overview of PIPSC composition, discussed the issues facing PIPSC members and updated the audience on PIPSC activities.

John Staric, PIPSC Pension and Benefits Advisor:
Mr. Staric presented and provided a summary on Bill C-27.