NAV CANADA Executive Meeting

November 22, 2017

250 Tremblay Road

Ottawa, ON


President (MS)

Vice President (PT)

Secretary (EF)

Treasurer (PV)

Member at Large (MK)

Member at Large (MD)

Member at Large (LD)

  1. Call to order - MS

LD is absent.

  1. Adoption of agenda - Executive

Moved by MD. Seconded by PT

  1. Approval of Minutes June 2017 meeting  -  Executive

Moved by PV. Seconded MK.

  1. Business arising from previous minutes - Executive


  1. President Update - MS
  • Working mostly on bargaining and coordinating with the other unions.
  • Contract ratified.
  • Lunch and learn sessions.
  • Elected as “Union benefits for retirees’ fund observer”
  • Trying to get a union seat on the Advisory Council for Nav Canada
  • Elected as NCBAA Chair for group savings plan
  • Meetings with Laurie and Elizabeth from Labour relations; 45 members from Operations on compressed work week.
  • Talk has started already for Classification between PIPSC and management.
  1. Vice-President Update - PT
  • Helped MS with various employee issues
  • Worked with MS and MK on MOU regarding vacation for employees on the Stratus project. 
  • Issue with members working OT but not claiming it for fear of looking bad. Some managers are not responding for OT requests.
  • Attended bargaining lunch & learn session.
  • Attended sub group meetings.
  • Bargaining activities.
  1. Financial Update - PV
  • New allocation in February.
  • Attended Canadian industrial CIRB conference with MS midSeptember.
  •  Helped lots of members with pay specialists: RRSP transfer application, severance and bonus.
  • Resigned from OSB treasurer.
  • Helping a member at TSC to submit flex work week.
  • Attended Lunch and learns.
  • Attended NCR steward council.
  • Attended PIPSC AGM.
  • Talking to members of TSC about the reorganization and giving guidance.
  1. Secretary Update -EF
  • Discussed with many members at the TSC the new contract and answered their questions.
  • Attended the NCR Steward council Sep 2930.
  • Assisted at both Tom Roberts lunch and learn sessions on new collective agreement Oct 34.
  • Attended the Nov lunch and learn open sessions of west sub group at the Flying Club.
  • Represented Nav Canada as delegate at the PIPSC AGM Nov 1718
  • Members brought forward concern of managers doing union work (discussed issue with president)
  • Members discussed with me their discontent with career advancement and opportunities within their group.
  1. Members at large Update   - MK/MD/LD


  • Attended CA lunch and learn sessions at 77 Metcalfe.
  • Attended Steward council in September.
  • Helped members with severance questions related to CA.


  • Lunch and learn at both ANS sessions.
  • Bargaining activities over the summer.
  • Shop steward answering multiple members questions regarding CA.


  • Attended both bargaining lunch and learn sessions at 77 Metcalfe.
  • Attended CIRB conference.
  1. AGM Prep update - All
  • AGM St Elias during the day March 28th.
  • Buses will be available from DT.
  • Lee Robinson as speaker on NAV Canada group savings plan.
  • Prep meeting MidJanuary for the AGM.
  1. Negotiations - Pierre Ouellet/MS
  • The Exec group tested the Members giveaway USB keys at PIPSC headquarters but some don’t work; So, the plan is to return all of them.
  1. Grievance Update - Erica Bernstein/MS
  • Cases discussed and update provided  by MS and Erica
  • Chair of new NAV Canada Savings plan
  • Request to forward HSA balance to next year.
  • All the meetings will be held in December for both committees.
  1. OSH report - Brad Whitson via MS
  • Brad attended meeting Nov 21st and all went well.
  1. Other Business
  • Winter newsletter: MS asked Executive if they want to contribute with related articles.
  1. Adjournment - Executive

Moved by EF. Seconded by PT.