The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada


Executive Meeting



Location: JCC

Daily Calendar

Date: April 17/2023

Time: 6:00-9:00PM




Jazz Vansantvoort

Satya Chaube

Crystal Ho



1.        Welcome

2.       Updates

3.       New Members

4.       AGM

5.       Budget

6.       Action Items.                                                    




1.        Vas welcomed the group to the first executive meeting of the year and the first official communication since Carrie moved to a position outside the bargaining unit.                

2.       Updates:-  It’s been about 6 months and this executive group has rallied together to hold the fort  Thank you.  We continued with LMM and dealing with 2 ongoing grievances. 

-         New stewards- Satya and Danitra.  We cannot have an extra member at LMM as the quota is 4 including our ERO.  Options may include alternating between members to attend. New stewards should be mentored by the more experienced members of the labour management committee. 

-         Role of the Members -at- large- To bring forward issues and problems for LMM.  Point to remember is we cannot be seen actively doing union work during normal working hours.

-         Seniority list has not been updated on HHS website- LMM

-         Chief Therapist- New position created by management, this was presented as if its been approved by the union.  We have requested full list of duties and have not received any updates- Questions regarding vacation selection etc.  Members that are interested should have all their questions answered before accepting.  The executive believes the $1/hr stipend may be insufficient.


3.        New Members:  We have +/- 9 new member of which I have met with 1-  We will take this up with Management – meeting should be scheduled during orientation.  We need to get these new members to sign membership forms online and receive emails from PIPSC.  PIPSC does not approve of using work emails. 


4.        AGM:  Proposed date – May 31/2023.  All positions up for election. 

-president, vice, treasurer, secretary and members at large- total of 7 members. 

-Election committee

Venues:  Legion-Satya

               Sacred Heart -Vas

Food- Fortinos

5.      Budget-

6.     Meeting adjourned at 8:45PM