The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Executive Meeting Minutes November 20th, 2019 


  1. Roll Call
  • Jazz, Satya, Brittany, Alexis, Vas, Derek 


2. Review and Approval of Agenda

  • By Derek and Vas


3. Approval of Previous Minutes

  • By Jazz and Vas


4. Review of Previous Action Items

  • Powerhouse is good option for AGM venue
  • Moxie’s does have private room for functions, but most likely out of price range


5. MRT Week 

  • $10 per each therapist was provided


6. Holiday/New Year Planning 

  • If funds are available will by $5 per each therapist


7. JCC quarterly Advisory Council Report 

  • Is precursor to AGM
  • PC government is attempting to make it so that rand members don’t have to pay union dues, but will benefit from what the group does
  • To check with current rand members to show how to register (if interested)
  • New steward training is being finalized


8. Finalize 2020s Budget (if modified from meeting #2)

  • Was presented at the 2019 AGM
  • Get a base of $1000 plus $10 additional per member
    • at AGM attendees happy with two events ($10 per each therapist and $5 per each therapist)


9. AGM Discussion and Task Assignment

  • Derek to organize at the Powerhouse this year
  • $50 per therapist is allotted
  • Proposed dates of May 13th or May 27th 
  • Jazz to do door prizes
  • Vas will look into PIPSC swag
  • Vas to contact potential speaker for event
    • Possibilities include ERO to speak on grievance process or VP of PIPSC


10. PIPSC National AGM Update

  • Derek and Satya attended
  • Main focus was on if whether to take on Professionals Canada and group voted no


11. Bargaining Discussions

  • Bargaining together with other RT groups
  • Being held to 1% raise
  • Potential to 
    • increase vacation weeks earlier for senior staff (20+ years)
    • increase co-payment amount
    • increase life insurance benefits
  • use schedule needing to be completed 3 months in advance as a bargaining chip
  • clarity in language for casual staff 


12. Workplace Issues Discussion

  • Still unresolved issues of JCC staff stating working 4+ hours without relief
    • Derek and Vas to look into 


13. Next Meeting

  • Tentatively scheduled for January 29th @ 6pm