Executive Meeting Minutes – May 8th, 2019

  1. Roll Call
  • Brittany, Alexis, Jazz, Vas, Satya
  • Absent: Derick
  1. Review and Approval of Agenda
  • by Satya and Jazz
  1. Approval of Previous Minutes
  • by Vas and Satya
  1. Review of Previous Action Items
  • AGM venue has been booked (Marquis Gardens) and date decided (May 28)

4.1 Action Item

  • Send another reminder for AGM
  1. AGM Planning
  • Need to inquire if projector is availbale
  • Ensure proposed changes to by-laws are reviewed and voted on before voting for positions occurs
  • Door prizes: Jazz will be responsible for
  • Positions up for elections are:
    • Treasurer: Jazz
    • Vice-President: Vas
    • Member at large: Derick
  1. Bargaining Discussions
  • Will ask for bargaining item suggestions at AGM
  • Encourage members to fill out survey for best outcome, survey is private and confidential
  • Negotiator will serve notice to HHS of our intent to bargain
  1. Workplace Issues Discussion
  • Compression stockings at WFCC
    • Will be brought up at labour management meeting
    • No one has done site visit since initial visit
  • WFCC hours
    • Notice sent to staff, due to increased patient numbers
  • Hiring
    • Encourage management to have a set of criteria for hiring
  1. Next Meeting
  • Tentatively planned for October 9th @ 6pm