The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Executive Meeting Minutes March 31st, 2020

  1. Roll Call
  • Vas, Jazz, Derek, Carrie, Alexis, Brittany
  • Absent: Satya 
  1. Review and Approval of Agenda
  • Meeting held via teleconference therefore not available 
  1. Approval of Previous Minutes
  • Meeting held via teleconference therefore not available 
  1. Review of Previous Action Items
  • All meetings on hold due to COVID – 19 (AGM cancelled until further notice) 
  1. JCC/WFCC Executive Group Structure
  • Will be separating into two separate and distinct groups 
    • Rob H to be in president position until can be acclaimed at the first AGM
    • Alexis and Brittany to make up remainder of executive 
  • To complete this need to submit the following to PIPSC Board of Directors
    • Budget and the implications of budget with becoming two separate groups vs. 1 group with two subgroups
    • List of committees for union representation at NH 
    • An occupational health and safety rep. for NH as current one is going on maternity leave
    • List of members with experience to form the temporary executive 
  • Will compile all above information and Carrie will send to Board of Directors for approval 
  1. Workplace Issues Discussion

Formal Communication

  • Post on bulletin board or distribute information via email

Working from Home 

  • At WFCC has been tested and access to Pinnacle and Mosaiq works, still need access to RadCalc
  • JCC waiting on HR approval to allow members to work from home
  • All staff at JCC have been set up to work from home, WFCC only have planners and some CT sim staff setup 
  • When roles out plan is to have half at home and half at work in case of any issues 
  • Needs to be a way to monitor that members are actually completing work when working from home
  • Should be in place by April 3 


  • WFCC all staff being issued 1 surgical mask a day unless it becomes visibly soiled
  • JCC all staff with patient contact will use a surgical mask and will be being issued a reusable visor 
  • WFCC to have Occ. Health and Safety Rep (Amanda) to contact infection control and see if department can have assessment complete to have visors issued to staff with patient contact 

Staff in Isolation/Being Tested

  • members who become ill or are in isolation to fill out staff SOR because in long run will turn into a WSIB claim and we need documentation 
  • staff with concerns should contact Occ. Health 
    • JCC info is on The Hub
    • WFCC – Brittany will get information and make members aware via email

Accommodation for Immunocompromised Staff

  • Assessment should be completed by whoever normally deals with return to work/modified work

Dividing Work

  • Added issues and stress due to COVID, everyone needs to work together to handle issues and concerns of members 
  • Delegation of certain tasks to members of executive to deal with so not all going to one person

Concerns from other Centres

  • Making sure patients who are being given masks to wear are doing so properly
  • Making sure hand hygiene is being performed properly by all who enter the centre