Ottawa Metro IT Subgroup  August 14, 2019 / 11:45

Meeting Minutes

Tosca Ristorante, Ottawa



Pierre Touchette

Randy Oomen

Brian Murray

Éric Pascal Bourré

Cheryl Jennings

Kimberley Tombs

Ken Cound

Jean Colas

Tamara Critch

Nabil Absi



Vaden Ellsworth




The President, Pierre Touchette called the meeting to order at 12:00.


MOTION to adopt the agenda – M/S Nabil Absi, Tamara Critch. Carried.



President’s Report

Pierre Touchette talked about the Revised Budget, New Stewards, National Plan for Subgroup revision in the fall. PIPSC is looking at changing the way it renews stewards. The National committee is also looking at splitting some groups and merging others but the consensus is that smaller groups are better. It was noted that telework has an impact on stewards.

Vice-President’s Report

Randy Oomen commented that is will be an interesting year, we are in the middle of negotiations and after the elections could have an new government or a minority government which could affect negotiations next year.

Treasurer’s Report

Brian Murray reported that the AGM Budget was revised to correct the error and that this years allocation has not yet been received.

Secretary’s Report

Cheryl Jennings presented the Minutes from the AGM, Minutes Approved, asked for email addresses of committee members, and advised that there would be an email sent out for suggested dates for upcoming meetings. Next meeting to be held October 16th.


Motion to have steering committed reelected, M\àà


.Eric Pascal Bourré volunteered to work at the Reception Table and take care of taxi chits. Eventbrite was suggested to help with registration – may not be needed. Eric said Members are asking about our contract, would like to arrange lunch and learns. Asked if we could do a ‘work to rule’ he was advised that CS’s cannot take job action.

Kimberly Tombs asked how to get around the ½ hour lunch restriction, suggestions were made to take time off (vacation, sick, etc), request permission to take a longer lunch and work later in the day. Needs taxi chits. Discussed budget rules with Brian Murray.


Pierre indicated he would like to have more frequent meetings, timing (i.e.: every 2 months) to be arranged after AGM.


MOTION to adjourn (1:00) M/S Pierre Touchette, Cheryl Jennings.  Carried.