Meeting Minutes

Ottawa Metro CS Subgroup

March 6, 2017 / 11:45

Tosca / 144 O’Connor Street


Pierre Touchette

Randy Oomen

Brian Murray

Steve Anderson

Eric Pascal Bourre

Cheryl Jennings

Kimberley Tombs

Darlene MacDonald


Vaden Ellsworth

Ken Cound

Jean Colas

The Vice-President, Randy Oomen, called the meeting to order at 12:00.


MOTION to adopt the agenda – M/S Pierre Touchette, Cheryl Jennings.  Carried.

MOTION to adopt the minutes of the last meeting as revised (January 9, 2017) – M/S Randy Oomen, Eric Pascal Bourre.  Carried


President’s Report

Pierre Touchette gave us a bargaining update.  He mentioned how the core hours of work would be expanding to benefit our members.  He touched on the “three pillars” of CS demands, with improvements in all three areas having been achieved; career development, contracting out, and dealing with technological change.  He spoke about the proposed monetary increases, and that the Volunteer Day will likely become another Personal Day.  Pierre also mentioned that next year PIPSC will be absorbing a chunk of new members from the RCMP.

Vice-President’s Report

Randy Oomen gathered two topics to take to the upcoming Subgroup Presidents Meeting on our behalf; the new CS classification, and the growing importance of bilingualism.

Treasurer’s Report

Brian Murray reminded everyone that our finances remain tight.  We won’t be receiving our full yearly allocation until after our AGM.  Brian said that any impending Lunch n’ Learns to explain the tentative contract can be claimed from the CS Group directly.     

Secretary’s Report

Steve Anderson stated that the past meeting minutes are up to date, translated and posted.  Steve circulated a copy of the agenda from the first Metro meeting ever held.

Metro AGM 2017

Cheryl Jennings has done some preliminary work on our AGM plan, and began our discussion for a venue.  No firm date has been set.  Pierre and Cheryl were to meet separately to discuss further planning.





MOTION to adjourn (1:15) – M/S Eric Pascal Bourre, Randy Oomen.  Carried.

Minutes recorded by Steve Anderson, Ottawa Metro Secretary