MEETING: CSMMSG Executive Meeting

LOCATION: Peroni, 1155 Rue Metcalfe #40, Montréal

DATE: November 25, 2021

GUESTS: Jean-Pierre Lavoie



Denis Hudon, Hugo Landry, Pierre Gauthier

Huguette Oukouomi


  1. Approval of the Agenda

a. Agenda presented by the Chair, Denis.

b. No additions or changes requested.

c. Moved to approve by Hugo Landry.

d. Seconded by Pierre Gauthier.

e. Carried unanimously.

  1. Review and Approval of Previous Minutes

a. Minutes from the September 14, 2021 meeting

   i. There were no changes requested.

   ii. Moved to approve by Pierre Gauthier.

   iii. Seconded by Pierre Gauthier.

   iv. The minutes were approved unanimously.

  1. Remarks by the Executive

Remarks by the Chair

The Chair greeted all participants, noting that it had been a long time since a meeting had been held in person, like at the Christmas dinner.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported no expenses and some minor income from bank interest.

We have approximately 11,500 in our account. About 3 months of interest are missing from this amount. This amount should be invested for members in 2022. It is possible that we will not receive an allocation for 2022.

  1. Ongoing Action Items

4001.01) New action – Denis – Follow up on the Executive update on the SG web page

4001.02) New action – Jean-Pierre Lavoie – Jean-Pierre Lavoie’s PIPSC address: Fix the problem with his email address. Follow up with for a new PIPSC account and test email.

4001.03) New action – Hugo – Update the SG’s distribution list once Jean-Pierre Lavoie’s new email address has been confirmed.

Ongoing Action Items (CON’T.)

4001.05)         Action (con’t.):

                        Denis Hudon will produce a document with references for various tasks related to management of the CSMMSG’s affairs.


  1. Topics Discussed

Executive vote to appoint Jean-Pierre Lavoie to the position of Secretary.

  • The Chair nominated Jean-Pierre Lavoie for the position of Secretary until the next AGM.
  • Moved by Denis Hudon.
  • Seconded by Hugo Landry.
  • Carried unanimously.
  • The Chair provided a draft copy of the update to the Secretary so that he could take over.

    Feedback on the 2021 Virtual AGM (all)

Miguel and Philippe could replace Hugo Landry if needed.

National said before the 31st.

Hugo said that given the context, everything was good.

No surprise, not much engagement.

    Steward Council, October 29–30, 2021 (Hugo)

Around 60 stewards from the Québec Region.

The Steward Council was held at the Manoir des Sables in Orford.

The Hotel organized a lovely campfire.

Congratulations to the organizers of this meeting on October 29 and 30, 2021.

National AGM, November 5–6 (Hugo)

The AGM went fairly smoothly.

Everything was okay.

It was a bit long on Zoom.

   Sub-Group consultation in December on the change to the dispute resolution route by arbitration/mandatory report instead of conciliation/right to strike (Denis)

  • Denis noted that on December 1, he was invited to virtually join the CS Group’s Executive and Bargaining Team to choose the route for dispute resolution for this round of bargaining.  The choice was between the conciliation/right to strike route and the arbitration route. He reported that the CS Group will change course and take the arbitration route. The conciliation/right to strike route relies on member mobilization and an energetic commitment to the labour organization. From experience, and after serving on regional and national organizing committees in past rounds of bargaining, he thinks that the best years of mobilization are behind us. An updated will be provided at the next CSMMSG meeting.

  Sub-Group Presidents’ Meeting in Montreal, January 14–15, 2022 (Denis)

  • Denis Hudon will attend the next Sub-Group Presidents’ Meeting, which will take place in Montreal on January 14 and 15, 2022.
  • To attend in person, he had to electronically submit a proof of COVID-19 vaccination to the union.
  • The union’s position in this regard is clear.
  • Denis will provide an update to the Board.
  1. Other Business/Round Table

a) Upcoming Events:


            general meeting

            see promotional item

  1. Adjournment

Denis Hudon noted that all topics had been covered, thanked participants and suggested that the meeting be adjourned.

Hugo Landry moved to adjourn and Pierre Gauthier seconded.

The proposal was approved by all.