CS Montérégie Sub-Group Executive Meeting Minutes

Date: March 21, 2018

Location: Le Balthazar restaurant (9180 Leduc Boulevard, Suite 210, Brossard, Quebec, Canada, J4Y 0L1)


Christian Gaboury, President
Pierre Potvin, Vice-President
Erick D’ Amours, Secretary-Treasurer
François Jodoin, Member-At-Large
Fred Émond, Member-At-Large (Absent)
Jean-François Héroux, Member-at-Large
Giovanni Giolti, Member-At-Large
Guests: N/A

1-    Call to order

C. Gaboury: The President welcomed the members of the Executive at 6:40 p.m.

2-    Approval of the agenda

C. Gaboury: The President presented an agenda. It was approved as presented.

3-    Overview of the CS Subgroup Presidents Meeting
C. Gaboury: The President spoke about the proceedings of the meeting.
- Talk by Debbie Daviau, PIPSC President
- Karim Chaggani, organizer for the CS Group’s 50th anniversary.
- Establishment of the Contracting Out Action Team

4-    Employee Wellness Support Program update (sick leave)

C. Gaboury: Negotiations are going well. More information is to follow but the aim is for all members, both new and old, to be covered in the event of illness.

5-    CS Group app

C. Gaboury: Christian presented the CS Group app developed by Guy Abel.  It works well with both Android and iOS.

6-    Rand members

C. Gaboury: Christian reported that our membership stands at 154 members, including 2 Rand members.  Steps will be taken to encourage the two Rand members to join PIPSC.

7-    Update on By-Laws

E. D’Amours: Érick confirmed that we still have a little more than $1500 in our Sub-Group account because nothing has been spent since the last meeting.

8-    Round table

P. Potvin: The employer can request a justification letter for unpaid union leave.  Gordon Bulmer has a copy of the official letter for the CS Group in the event that it is needed.
G. Giolti: Shared Services is doing a lot of hiring. Five or six people have left the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).  The CSA is in the middle of a hiring freeze.
F. Jodoin: Asked for clarification on what is in the first aid kits.  Les Pierre confirmed that the employer decides on what goes in them.
J.-F. Héroux: N/A
C. Gaboury: Christian thanked the Executive and stepped down from his position as President of the Sub-Group.

9-    Appointment of Acting President

Pierre Potvin was appointed Acting President in a unanimous vote.
Giovani Giolti was appointed Acting Vice-President in a unanimous vote.

10-    Next meeting

A date will be set in the summer.

11-    Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

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