The meeting was held at the Chateau Laurier in the Quebec Suite.

The Membership arrived, a hot meal was served and the meeting commenced at 12:15.

All items on Agenda were met and discussed by the membership, including the financial statement for 2019/2020 to date and past minutes of the 2019 AGM, also held at the Chateau Laurier.  The Chateau Laurier has been chosen due to its central location from 125 Sussex and Place du Portage complex.  Plus, those conference rooms are booked and secured, unlike those of government buildings.

The financial report was done in spoken format as our Sub-group did not use any of its funding since the last AGM.

The Presidential report was very un-Trump like, no embellishments but factual.

Elections were held with the following results: President: Shirley Gillette, Treasurer: Karl MacKinnon, Member-at-Large: David Matheson.  All positions are for two years.

No by-law modifications were discussed, nor needed to be.

Business rising from the floor:  Pierre Touchette, the National Vice-President of the CS Group, briefed the Membership on the up-coming changes, concerns and answered the questions of the Membership. The particular concern of the Membership is the re-classification of the CS Group over to IT Group.  That which hinges on the job description.

The AGM ended at 13:00.