Please be advised the following positions that are up for elections during the June 7th AGM, in the Robertson Room, at noon until 13:00. 

  • President, 2-year term
  • Vice-President, 1-year term
  • Secretary, 2-year term
  • Treasurer, 1-year term
  • Members-at-Large, various terms, up to 8 positions

Please volunteer!

Applicants can declare themselves for the elective positions either by email or from the floor at the AGM. They can also, of course, have their names put forward for one position. All candidates must be of good standing and members of the GAC CS Sub-group‎.

Please keep the date June 7th on your agenda as this is the most important date for our Sub-group. The AGM is the venue where you can express what you feel is the most important to you and your colleagues. The executive represents you and your ‎wishes for your union rights.


Shirley Gillette, President, (ret'd)