The name of the Sub Group shall be the “Edmonton CS Sub Group” of The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, hereinafter referred to as the “Sub Group”.


To represent Sub Group member interests and concerns, to provide a forum for the discussion of issues affecting sub group members and to administer this Constitution and by-laws.


3.1 The Sub Group Executive shall be composed of four (4) officer positions; President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and at least two (2) but no more than (4) Members-at-Large and the Immediate Past President.

3.2 The term of office shall be two (2) years.

3.3 Vacancies, except for the Past President, may be filled by appointment by the remaining Executive members, the member to remain in office until the next election.

3.4 Any executive member absent from 3 consecutive executive meetings without sound reasons will be considered to have resigned from the executive.


4.1 President– To convene and chair all meetings of the Sub Group and of the Executive, to present a report on Sub Group activities at Sub Group meetings, and to direct the activities of the Sub Group.

4.2 Vice-President– To assist the President in matters affecting the Sub Group, to act as President in his absence and to assume the duties of the President if the latter is unable to or unwilling to do so.

4.3 Secretary – To notify the members of meetings and to ensure that the minutes are kept and a copy filed with the Institute.

4.4 Treasurer – To administer and report on Sub Group finances, to annually present a financial statement to Sub Group members at a Sub Group meeting and submit a copy of the financial statement to the National Office each year. Copies of the statement shall be available to Sub Group members.

4.5 Members at Large – To represent various segments of the Sub Group membership and to assist officers of the Executive as required.


5.1 Sub Group Meetings: An Annual General Meeting shall be held each calendar year and at least one (1) Sub Group meeting per calendar year. Members shall be notified at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of these meetings. Such notification shall include the place, date, time and proposed agenda of the meeting.

5.2 Executive Meetings: A minimum of four (4) Executive meetings shall be held per calendar year.

5.3 Special Executive Meetings: The President or any two executive members may call a special executive meeting provided that a minimum of 48 hours notice is given to the executive members.


6.1 Standing Committees may be established by the Executive when required.

6.2 The composition and terms of reference shall be established when a Standing Committee is established.

6.3 Each Standing Committee shall be required to have a Chairperson.
6.4 Copies of all Standing Committee reports shall be filed with the Secretary.

6.5 Standing Committees may only be dissolved by a majority vote of the executive.


7.1 The Executive shall maintain an account in the name of the Sub Group as a sub-account of the PIPSC bank account for the deposit of the funds of the Sub Group. The President, Treasurer and one (1) other member of the Executive shall be the signing officers. Cheques issued in the Sub Group’s name shall have two (2) authorising signatures.

7.2 The executive has the authority to make expenditures as it deems appropriate to further the purpose of the sub group. All expenditures shall be reported to the Sub Group membership at the next sub group meeting.

7.3 Additional funding may be requested by submitting a budget via the National Executive for approval and recommendation to the Institute Executive Committee.

7.4 As required by institute policy, auditing and verification procedures shall be carried out by members of the Sub Group who are not responsible for the administration of the funds of the Sub Group.

7.5 All financial statements, receipts and ledgers shall be retained for the period of time required by the Institute policy.


8.1 The Executive shall appoint an Elections Committee to receive nominations for positions on the Executive and to conduct the elections. Any member of the Elections Committee who becomes a candidate in the election shall resign from the Elections Committee.

8.2 The Elections Committee shall notify the membership as to which executive positions are up for election at least two (2) weeks prior to the Sub Group meeting where elections will take place. Nominations will be accepted in advance and from the floor at the meeting.

8.3 All Regular and Emeritus members of the Institute who are also members of the Sub Group shall have the right to vote.

8.4 Elections shall be by a plurality vote of the members attending the Sub Group meeting dealing with elections.

8.5 The Elections Committee shall ensure the membership is informed of the results of the election as soon as possible.

8.6 The Elections Committee shall be automatically dissolved after the results of the election have been conveyed to the membership.

8.7 The newly elected Executive shall take office at the next meeting of the Executive; said meeting shall take place no later than one (1) month following the Sub Group meeting at which the elections were held.


9.1 Sub Group Meetings

9.1.1 Fifty percent (50%) of the members in attendance at the beginning of the meeting shall constitute a quorum.

9.1.2 If a quorum is not obtained, the meeting shall not deal with matters affecting the Constitution and By-laws. A second meeting may be scheduled to deal with such matters with at least three (3) weeks’ notice to Sub Group members. The members present at the second meeting shall constitute the quorum.

9.1.3 Voting Only Regular and Emeritus members are eligible to vote at Sub Group meetings. Voting shall normally be by a show of hands and each member shall have one (1) vote. Decisions shall be by a simple majority vote.

9.2 Executive Meetings

9.2.1 The quorum for Executive meetings shall be one half of the Executive members, including at least two (2) of the officer positions.

9.2.2 Voting Decisions shall be majority vote.


10.1 The rules of procedure governing all meetings of all bodies within and of the sub group shall be the latest edition available at the meeting of rules of procedure currently used by the Institute.


11.1 The Sub Group may make such Regulations, not inconsistent with this Constitution and By-Laws, as it deems appropriate for the operation of the Sub Group.

11.2 Each such Regulation shall be presented to the nextSub Group meeting and may be rescinded or amended by such meeting.

11.3 All proposed Regulations and amendments thereto shall be submitted to the Institute for review.


12.1 This Constitution and By-Laws may be amended at any meeting of the Sub Group. Amendments may be proposed by any two (2) members of the Sub Group.

12.2 All members shall be notified of the proposed amendments at least two (2) week prior to the Sub Group meeting. Notice shall include;
(a) the article to be amended, and,
(b) the new wording.

12.3 Approval of amendments shall require a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of members attending a Sub Group meeting where a quorum is present.

12.4 Any amendments shall take effect upon approval by the Institute.

Approved by the Board of Directors
August 16, 2014