Members from the PIPSC Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) groups have voted to enter discussions to change from the current Canadian Energy and Related Industries Pension Plan (CERi) to the Colleges of Applied Arts & Technology’s Defined Benefits Plus Pension Plan (CAAT/DB Plus). You can learn more about the plan’s advantages in the FAQ document.

This vote is the first step towards changing the pension plan. A transition plan will be created and another member vote will be required to ratify the move to CAAT/DB Plus. We expect this vote to take place early in 2022. 

Here are the full results of this vote:


CAAT: 83%
CNL: 12%
Neither (remain with CERi): 5%


CAAT: 84%
CNL: 8%
Neither (remain with CERi): 8%


CAAT: 89%
CNL: 3%
Neither (remain with CERi): 8%

PIPSC resources

PIPSC will provide additional information as the transition plan develops. You can read the FAQs and watch the video presentation below for more information in the interim. Members are also welcome to contact if you have questions.

CAAT resources