The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) filed a policy grievance dated

July 27, 2015 grieving the Employer’s interpretation and application of Article G2 of the then

Collective Agreement between the Parties relating to the payment of the Meat Hygiene

Allowance (MHA), that was referred to adjudication before the Federal Public Sector Labour

Relations and Employment Board.


The Board issued its decision in the matter on June 15, 2020, and PIPSC and the CFIA have

worked together diligently and collaboratively since that time to reach full resolution of the

matter and all related individual grievances, and to confirm and calculate the potential

entitlements of grievors, employees and former employees in the VM Group.

The Parties are now ready to implement that resolution, which will result in the processing of

lump sum payments by CFIA based on individual circumstances to eligible grievors, as well as to

employees and former employees, whom occupied certain veterinary positions in Animal Health

during a specified time period.


If not done already, all the eligible veterinarians who were at the VM-01 and/or VM-02 group

and level, and whose substantive position was in Animal Health during the period between June

22, 2015 and August 30, 2018 should receive shortly a Joint Communication from PIPSC and

CFIA that will be sent by email by the Employer in order to receive the payment.

Shall you have any question regarding the implementation of that decision, please contact

Sandra Guéric at