PIPSC/ CFIA- VM Alberta Region Sub- Group Meeting 

June 2, 2019, 12:00 Pm

Rivers Edge Golf Club, Okotoks, AB



VM Subgroup executive;

Dr. Larry Spitzke - President

Dr. Rohit Chhabra - Vice-President

Dr. Serghei Galatonov - Secretary

Dr. David Cartledge - Treasurer

13 VMs from AB South attended the meeting. 

Minutes taken by - Dr. S. Galatonov



1-Call Meeting to Order, Time 12:15


2-Review minutes from 2018 AGM


3-Business arising from 2018 AGM Minutes


4-Motion to accept the 2018 Minutes

Accepted by Chinna Cheigireddy


5-Motion to accept the 2019 Agenda, Additions to the agenda

Accepted by Serghei Galatonov


6-Treasurers Report, Dave Cartledge


7-Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report

Accepted by Rohit Chhabra


8-Classification Grievance VM Classification and new Job

Description , Veterinary Supervision, FSD, ( supervising

staff ). Larry Spitzke explained. Suggested to refile two other grievances , the first for Job content and the second for classification.

The FSD should be paid in the AM shift for two shift plants.

Discussions at National level if working 1 minute overtime, we should claim 15 minutes OT, if plant abusing the CFIA Agreement. Also wash up time for VMs.


7-Collective Bargaining, Central Bargaining Team Result.

Larry discussed what was negotiated for the next CA

Bharat Patel discussion about Phoenix issues with Acting Pay.

Discuss report from the Central Bargaining Committee Larry



8-Phoenix Compensation , 2 days for 2016- 2017 and one

additional day for each year. PIPSC will be a contributor with

TB to select the next pay system. Larry Spitzke


9-CFIA, VM Job Postings, Serghei Galatonov.

Discussion about VM2 positions advertised open to Public with Supervising experience essential criteria.


10-Salary with respect to Classification , spread between VM2

-VM 3 after implementation of 4% MT Hygiene Allowance for

VM1 and VM2 but not VM 3.




President: Dr. Larry Spitzke

Vice-President: Dr. Rohit Chhabra

Secretary: Dr. Sergei Galatonov

Treasurer: Dr. David Cartledge


Members at large:

Drs Baljit Duhan, Satinder Grewal and Chinna Chegireddy




Prairie/NWT Basic Steward Training

October 3,4,5, 2019 (2.5 days)


Prairie/NWT Region

Stewards Council

September 20-21, 2019