Anupam Bhardwaj

Dear Colleagues,

I, Anupam Bhardwaj working with CFIA as a veterinarian am willing to serve on the CFIA Veterinary Medicine Group Executive as Ontario representative in the coming elections.

My Views:  I firmly believe in honesty, transparency and fairness .I am not a politician and never comes under pressure from anyone while dealing with real time situations of my colleagues. I am committed to work only for my colleagues. My goal is to strengthen our union to help all of you when needed which is not the case in the past and at present. All of us need a change now.

Your opinion is important and it does matter:  If you agree with my views and want to be served better, please vote for me.

Let’s make our workplaces a better place to work and protect our rights. You can contact me at at any time if you have any questions.