As you may know, the CFIA-VM Bargaining Team has been established, and on September 29, 2022, we sent the notice to commence collective bargaining to the employer. This letter not only served to initiate the bargaining process, but it also informed CFIA that as per the direction from the CFIA VM group National Executive, we have elected the conciliation (strike) process as a means of the dispute resolution method, should a new collective agreement not be able to be agreed upon.

The employer acknowledged receipt of the notice on October 13, 2022, but as of yet we have not started actual negotiations for a new collective agreement.

On Feb 8-9, 2023, the VM bargaining committee attended a PIPSC bargaining training session along with the other PIPSC groups within CIFA. This was a very productive and informative meeting, which also allowed us to interact with and collaborate with our other PIPSC CFIA brothers and sisters.

The next step in the bargaining process will be to establish an Essential Services Agreement. We will also shortly begin to work on a survey to best determine the bargaining issues of greatest importance to our members.

Please check back regularly on the PIPSC web site for the latest updates from PIPSC and remember to ensure that your contact information on file with PISPC is up to date in order for you to be able to receive the most up to date information that is of relevance to you.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact your local steward or bargaining team member.

On behalf of the CFIA-VM bargaining team:

William Sean Marshall, Bargaining Team President
Ayman Soryal, CFIA-VM President
Bharatkumar Patel
Cheick O.T. Sidibé
Krista Ann Puddester