Nasreldin Mohamed - CFIA-VM


My name is Nasreldin Mohamed. I am running for the position of Member-at-Large on the National CFIA-VM Executive. 

Our executive group needs a strong leadership that truly represents veterinarians and puts the interest of the members ahead of their own. I understand that there is a lot to accomplish and the current situation needs individuals who have courage, boldness, toughness, determination and the guts to fight for your rights. I’m running for this position because I believe I can make the needed changes and get the job done!

I already have a wealth of experience working for our VM group members; I’ve been a steward for 13 years and I have been the vice-president of the Ontario CFIA-VM Executive. I have been promoting and defending the rights and interests of our members, enforcing our contract and organizing new members at the local level.

If elected I would have your interests at heart and I will ensure to use my position to better represent my fellow veterinarians and I promise to make sure the executive team works for you. I will ensure that your views are accurately and honestly communicated and advanced to senior management.