David Brown - CFIA-VM

I currently work for the CFIA as a supervisory veterinarian in a poultry slaughter establishment in Hanover, Ontario. For the past 4 years, I have served on the VM executive committee as member-at- large. As a union steward and member of the VM executive committee, I have participated in numerous union-management projects such as the staffing working group. On a quarterly basis, I represent our members on the North-East and South-West Regional Union Management Consultation Committees, the Ontario Area UMCC and I have attended the National UMCC in Ottawa. I also co-chair the NE Regional OSH Committee.

Currently I serve as the secretary for the VM executive and I am on our bargaining committee. Although the TB has settled contracts with other groups in PIPSC, the CFIA has not met with the VM

bargaining committee. Currently the CFIA has met six times with the PSAC and they have come to an impasse because of concessions requested by the CFIA. These include regressive changes to hours of work, the definition of the work week and notice time for shift changes, among others. If similar concessions our asked of the VM group, our members need to stand together and fight for our rights.