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2019 CFIA-IN Group bursary

The draw for the 2019 CFIA-IN bursaries took place on Thursday, March 30, 2019. The names of all eligible applicants were placed in a container and names were randomly chosen. We are pleased to announce the first draw for $500 winner: Winnie Zhang’s daughter, Brigitte Zhang. The second draw for $250 winner: Don Kenny’s son, Tristen Kenny. If you have any questions regarding the CFIA-IN bursary, please contact one of the Executive members.

2020 CFIA-IN Group bursary

It is now time to send your entries for the annual bursary. Eligible applicants are children of Regular/Retired IN Group members in good standing or who were in good standing at time of death. Children of Rand deductees are not eligible. 

Applicants may enter any year of post-secondary education, in a full-time post-secondary program at an educational institution. This institution must be a member of the AUCC or AICC and includes CÉGEPs. 

Eligible applicants must offer the CFIA-IN Executive proof of attendance at an accepted post-secondary educational institution for the Winter 2020 or Fall 2019 semester.

Please note that proof of attendance is not required in order to apply for this scholarship. However, the winner will be required to submit their proof of attendance before the bursary is handed out.

All entries must be received by noon, October 7, 2020. Entries can be sent by email to one of the Executive members listed above.

The draw will take place at this year’s Special Meeting. The names of all eligible applicants will be placed in a container and a name will be randomly chosen. The winning names may be included in a future CFIA-IN newsletter. 


As you all are aware, our Collective Agreement expired May 31, 2018. PIPSC approached the negotiation of 18 Treasury Board collective agreements that expired in 2018 in a two-step process: Group-specific tables and a Central Bargaining Table that negotiated issues that were common to all PIPSC members. The Central Table finalized their work in the summer of 2019.

The major Central Bargaining wins:

  • Wage increases: A base wage increase of 7% over the next 4 years plus a one-time 1% wage increase for the Group.
  • Parental leave: Top-up expanded by 5 weeks when both parents work for the federal public service. Members returning to work from parental leave will no longer be obligated to repay top-up if they move between departments and agencies for a new role.
  • Survivors and victims of domestic violence: 10 paid days of leave.
  • Harassment language that provides for the right to a workplace free of harassment and violence.
  • $400 compensation for the extended implementation of this new contract.

Your CFIA-IN bargaining team worked with the CFIA-S&A and CFIA-VM teams and met with the employer on August 10, 11 and 12 to secure and finalize the above changes to the collective agreement. We also came to a tentative agreement on all other terms of the collective agreement. A ratification package with all the details will be sent out with voting instructions. We will also hold an information session combined with our AGM where details can be discussed and questions can be asked of our chief negotiator, Denise Doherty-Delorme.


We are always looking to recruit stewards for the IN Group. Considering the growth in the number of INs, we are seeking more volunteers for stewards in the regions. Training is provided by PIPSC for those who wish to step up and become involved. Currently our stewards are as follows:

Donald Kenny – NCR

Alain Parent – Saint-Hyacinthe

Houman Vafaie – NCR

Spencer Underwood – NCR

CFIA-IN Special Meeting

You are all invited to attend the CFIA-IN Group’s Special Meeting. This AGM will be held virtually due to the COVID-19 situation. We hope that many of you will be able to attend. Please take some time out of your busy schedule to attend, as many issues will be discussed. You will have a chance to meet the current Executive and voice your opinion on the different issues and possibly help shape the new Executive.


Wednesday, October 7, 2020, 4:00 PM until 5:00 PM – Special Meeting

Wednesday, October 7, 2020, 5:00 PM until 6:00 PM –  English tentative agreement session

Wednesday, October 7, 2020, 6:00 PM until 7:00 PM –  French tentative agreement session

Where: Zoom meeting – You will receive a link to the Zoom meeting in a separate email from PIPSC

We look forward to virtually seeing you at this event!

Change in Executive

Heath Klippert’s membership has been suspended while he is acting as a Director. He was the Communications Officer for our Executive and that position is currently vacant. Dennis Cormier left the agency on February 14, 2020, and is now an employee of Shared Services Canada. Charles-André Comeau has replaced him and is now the Vice Chair of the IN Group. His previous role as Member-at-Large is vacant. Selina Zhao left the agency in July 2020 and is no longer a member of the executive. Alain Parent, a former executive and bargaining member, has stepped in and has taken on Selina’s Member at Large role.

Recruitment call

We have lost several members of the Executive. We currently have 3 vacant positions.  It is extremely important that some new members stand for election to fill these positions. In addition, some members of the current Executive may not be continuing beyond their current term.

Unless some new candidates step forward we may be without a union Executive in the future. If the CFIA-IN group is without a union Executive, our group may be moved under one of the other PIPSC groups at CFIA. We could either be represented by the CFIA-S&A group (Scientific and Analytics), or by the CFIA-VM group (Veterinary Medicine). This could affect our pay structure as we would be lumped into the pay structure of one of these other groups. This would also reduce the voice we have to air our concerns and issues as we would be represented by a group that is not close to CFIA IN group issues and concerns. This is not a desirable scenario.

Whether you are interested in a higher profile position or would prefer to just be involved in meetings and decisions affecting the IN Group, you are welcome to submit your name. Elected members to the CFIA-IN Executive select their officers by an internal vote as to who holds which office.

The Executive positions vacant are as follows:


Communications Officer

If you wish to become a candidate for the CFIA-IN Group Executive, please advise a member of the current executive by 12:00 PM (noon) on October 7, 2020.