Fellow CFIA-IN Group members:

The deadline for the Employer to process your retroactive pay is December 19, 2018.

Some, but not all, CFIA-IN Group members have already received it. In all cases, be assured that the Institute is ready to use every means at its disposal to ensure that you receive the complete, accurate amount you are owed.

Processing of retroactive pay requires manual intervention in the Phoenix system. If you have already received your retroactive pay, but believe the amount is incorrect, please follow these steps and complete the Phoenix Feedback Form.

If you have not received any of your retroactive pay by the deadline date, you should immediately fill out a Phoenix Feedback Form and contact the Phoenix Team at PIPSC to discuss the possibility of filing a grievance.

If you have received some of your retroactive pay, but believe it was not the full amount and/or believe it was processed incorrectly, you should also complete the Phoenix Feedback Form and then wait for the next two (2) pay periods to see if your situation is rectified. If the situation is not resolved by then, you should contact the Phoenix Team to discuss the possibility of filing a grievance.

In Solidarity,

Your CFIA-IN Bargaining Team