To: All AU-CO-PG members in the Halifax Region (AV Group)

Good day Colleagues in Halifax,

Recently on October 17th, 2018, I had the chance to come out to Halifax to chair a Special AGM, along with AV Group President and Bargaining Chair Peter Gabriel and PIPSC A/Vice-President Nancy McCune.

All AU-CO-PG class members in Halifax region were invited through several emails, sent over a three month period.

We were all very disappointed in the very low turn-out to this event. Only 4 members attended, one was a subgroup executive already. One of the key objectives of this meeting was to select a new Sub-Group President, Vice President and Members-at-large, and to also provide a collective bargaining update to those in attendance. Not one of the other 3 attendees were interested in these positions.

A neutral friendly location was selected during the lunch hour in order for members to feel confident and safe. A complimentary lunch was offered to any member who attended. And still a very low turnout.

Unfortunately, over the past several years, the turnout at all Halifax AGM’s were low as well for a variety of reasons. In particular as the AV Subgroups have grown through the promotion and participation of our female members and visible minorities, this has not occurred in Halifax. And there also is a lack of participation from our members at DND and in the PG classification as well in all departments.

Therefore, due to the lack of interest and very low turn-out, the AV Group National Executive will recommend to the PIPSC National Executive Committee to dissolve this subgroup.

Before dissolution though, if there is any interest going forward to have a Halifax AV Sub-group for AU-CO-PG members, we would need at least 5 regular members who are interested to participate and lead the subgroup executive in accordance with PIPSC AV Group and Halifax Subgroup By-Laws, to promote PIPSC ideals and mandate, to promote all members including visible minorities and females into subgroup executive positions, to promote diversity and continue with a professional approach.

As per our PIPSC Subgroup Model Constitution,


The aim of the Sub-Group shall be to act within the jurisdiction of the Sub-Group to further the professional interests of its members, to protect the status and standards of their profession and to formulate and express the views of the members on matters affecting them. The Sub-Group Executive shall inform the national AV Group Executive of the concerns of the Sub-Group relative to collective bargaining.

If you are interested in having your voice heard in collective bargaining and to protect your profession going forward, you may complete the enclosed form and send to:

I will gather all forms and put the 5 names of regular members together on one form.

This process is just to get an Annual General Meeting (AGM) confirmed in the future, whereby elections will take place for the positions on the Subgroup Executive at the AGM.

See Application Form:

Subgroup Application

If you have any clarifying questions, please contact me at

Better Together!

On behalf of the AV Group National Executive,

James Bright

AV Group Subgroup Coordinator

AV Group Vice-President

Representing AU-CO-PG classifications

The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada