Audit, Commerce and Purchasing Group (AV)

Gatineau Sub-group

June 13th, 2018

Annual General Meeting Minutes and Elections Report

2018 Annual General Meeting Report

Gatineau Sub-group 

Date June 13th, 2018

Location: Gatineau QC

Place du Portage IV - Conference Center Outaouais Room

Time: Noon to 1pm

Proposed Agenda

  1. Roll Call (Introduction of 11 Sub-Group Executive members)

President – Peter Gabriel                 Vice-President – Andrée Doucet

Secretary – Mark Walton                    Treasurer – Terry Sing

Members at Large (7):

William Bradley, James Bright, Alex Lamoureux, Valerie Nguyen

Gord Sanford, Shaila Singh, Hong Xu

  1. Moment of Silence for deceased members
  1. Approval of the Agenda - Moved by Peter Gabriel, Second by Ray Paquette
  2. Adoption of the Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting 2017 Move day Peter Gabriel , second by Andrée Doucet, all in favor.
  3. Business Arising from the 2017 Minutes - None
  4. Report of the President - Peter Gabriel submitted a Subgroup Report. Report is online in the AV Group website in the Virtual Binder from the 2018 AGM. Peter moved report, second by Terry Sing, all in favor.
  5. Annual Financial Report - Terry moved acceptance, second by Shaila Singh; all in favor
  6. Elections followed by Report of the Elections Committee:

Election of Sub-Group Executive positions as follows:

    • Vice-President –  2 year term ending June 2020
    • Secretary -   2 year term ending June 2020
    • Treasurer – 1 year term ending June 2019
    • Six (6) Member-at-Large positions, 2 year terms ending June 2020

Positions not up for Election until June 2019

    • President – Peter Gabriel
    • Member at Large – James Bright

See Elections Report below…

  1.  New Business, including By-Law Amendments – None
  2. PIPSC Vice-President Stephane Aubry – Phoenix Pay system update
  3.  Special Presentation - To Ray Paquette and Terry Sing for their years of service.
  4.  Meeting adjourned - Moved by Peter Gabriel, second by Adam Gray, all in favor.

Elections Committee Report

President - Peter Gabriel (current term expires June 2019)

Vice-President -  Andrée Doucet  (Acclaimed to a 2 year term ending June 2020)

Secretary - James Bright (Elected to a 2 year term ending 2020)

Treasurer - Gordon Sanford (Acclaimed to a 1 year term to finish off existing term of Terry Sing, who has resigned)

7 Members at Large

6 Members Elected for a 2 year term ending June 2020

(In order of votes received)

1) Shaila Singh

2) Natalia Kim

3) Valerie Nguyen

4) Olivia Leung

5) Mark Walton

6) Adam Gray

7) Hong Xu (Elected to a 1 year term - to finish the existing term of James Bright ending June 2019)


Thank you to Alex Lamoureux, who ran for Member at Large, for your years of service.

Also, many thanks to William Bradley for his stewardship and service. William is taking retirement soon and did not run.

And special thanks to Terry Sing, who shall stay on in a new role as a Special Advisor to the President Peter Gabriel.

Election Committee:

Peter Gabriel

Terry Sing

Andrée Doucet (joined after being acclaimed)

Gordon Sanford (joined after being acclaimed)