Communique for AV Group Members

Dear Colleagues,

Recently, a “non-bargaining committee member” sent out an unsolicited e-mail to our CO members, our AV Group Executive, our AV Group Bargaining Team and PIPSC Staff.

This e-mail was divisive, unprofessional, misrepresented our members and falsely claimed to be a bargaining agent for the CO community. This email is not supported or condoned by the AV Group or PIPSC HQ. (It should also be noted that the same member did not put their name in for consideration to be on the Bargaining Team when members were being solicited, and the member declined to participate at our July 2018 Group  Bargaining Symposium where we had over 30 members participate, including our National President Ms. Debi Daviau).

Please be advised that the e-mail is not supported by your Bargaining Team and is not a bargaining agent email address for the AV Group Bargaining Team. We ask you to disregard any further communication from this email.

The AV Group Bargaining Team, which represents all AU-CO-PG members, has put a lot of effort to date to be open and transparent with our members, and have asked all our members to be advisors, in order we hear your voice and assist the bargaining team in the demands and formal proposals going forward.

Another Group Bargaining Symposium will be called in the near future (December/January) when we are prepared to draft our monetary proposals and ask our members once again to advise us going forward. All members from all regions will be invited to participate.

The Bargaining Team Committee is willing to answer any question(s) our members may have regarding collective bargaining. We encourage you to let us know your concerns! You may reach any of us by e-mail as all Bargaining Team Committee member’s info is located at this link:

We are working hard in solidarity to ensure the best deal possible for ALL members of the AV Group. For this reason we do not support “classification interest only groups”.

Past experiences in other groups is that only in solidarity do we achieve the best results!

For this we will stand together in the AV Group!

Be smart, be informed and participate at a local bargaining information session coming to you soon.

Better Together!

On behalf of the AV Group Executive and Bargaining Team,


Peter Gabriel
President and Bargaining Chair
Audit, Commerce and Purchasing Group (AV)

James Bright
AV Group Vice President and Bargaining Team Member
Audit, Commerce and Purchasing Group (AV)