The Commerce and Purchasing Group Executive recently voted on changes and appointments.

Cara Ryan, PIPSC Negotiator, presided as chair for the following appointments via secret ballot vote using Zoom.


James Bright resigned as Vice-President, as James accepted an excluded management position.

Andrée Doucet was nominated, elected and appointed as the Vice-President.

Nazim Awan was also nominated.


With Andrée’s acceptance of the VP position, the Secretary position became vacant.

Yanick Poulin was nominated, elected and appointed as the Secretary 

David Chu was also nominated.

Quebec Regional Representative

A call letter for Quebec Regional Representative was sent out to members.

As a result, Lyne Larocque was acclaimed and appointed.

Member at Large

A call letter for the Member at Large position, vacated by Sidney MacInnis’ resignation, who accepted a position in St. John’s, was sent out to members.

Natalia Kim was nominated, elected and appointed.

Armel Boussougou, Perry George McCarthy, Ray Paquette, Evangelia Costamis, Françoise Nadon and Tommy Georgas were also nominated.

Thank you, James Bright, for being an excellent steward, member of our bargaining team and Vice-President during the past 2.5 years. All the success in your new career position as Manager PG06. Read the parting words from James Bright.

Also, thanks to Sidney MacInnis, and good luck in your new career with the public service.

In May 2021, the Group will be conducting our national elections for another 3-year term, June 1, 2021 to May 31, 2024. If you are interested in joining a great executive group of dedicated members, please get ready to submit your nomination. The call letter for elections will be coming in February 2021.