Saturday, April 13, 2019

9:00 am –  2 pm

Green Room – Victoria, British Columbia

Meeting Minutes


President – Peter Gabriel

Vice-President – James Bright

Secretary – Andree Doucet

Treasurer – Jason Huang

Atlantic Regional Representative – David Chu

NCR Regional Representative – Vania Tsang

Quebec Regional Representative – Yannick Poulin

BC/Yukon Regional Representative – Angela Cowie

Prairie Regional Representative – Linda Howes

Member-at-Large – Sidney MacInnis

Member-at-Large – Philip Wang

Member-at-Large – Olivia Leung

Regrets: Emily Beckerman - Ontario Regional Representative

President’s Report:

Welcome to Victoria.  The Group made a request to PIPSC to have an off-site meeting for team building.  The PIPSC Board of Directors approved the request.  Short meeting where we will be focusing on selecting the delegates for the AGM in June. 

We will be losing our AU members since they will be absorbed by ACFO.  We will continue to bargain for the AUs as it will take some time for the transition.  Linda Howes will be the point person to communicate with our members about this change.  We have 150 members that will now belong to ACFO.

Have been very active with Steward engagement and have signed some new Stewards, including James Bright and Kim McGuire who is our AV Group representative on the Central Bargaining Table.  

Got a lot of delegate applications for the AGM.  We are seeing many more applicants from the regions where we have been doing outreach and engagement (West Coast and Prairies).  Need to do more of that in Ontario and Atlantic region.  Have not had the opportunity to travel to those locations yet but will do it soon.

Have had an informal request to start a sub-group in Quebec.  Yannick will need to follow up. 

A go-forward strategy is being planned for Halifax which will include a delegation going there and doing some outreach (What can PIPSC do for you) events to try and engage the members.  The delegation will involve mostly women since there is a high percentage of women in the area and we would like to try and engage them and get them more involved. Once that has been done, we may want to start discussing trying to get a new Sub-Group (after a cooling off period).

Bargaining – we have been out to most of the regions.  Peter going to the East Coast soon since we have not been there yet.  If we do get to a point where we have a tentative agreement, we will have to go around the country and communicate it.   Debi is still hoping to get a deal before the end of June. 

Would like the Executives to step up and assist with the newsletter. We have a lot of pictures from our travel to the various locations. 

Agenda Approval

Move to approve the agenda – Peter

Seconded by Yannick

Carried – Unanimous

Minutes Approval

Motion to approve the minutes with the addition of Linda as being present – Andree

Seconded by Linda

Carried – Unanimous

Action Items

All completed

Delegate Selection for AGM

65 applicants for the event.  Based on our membership numbers, we are allowed to have 40 delegates.  There was consensus from the Committee members on the 40 delegates selected.  If any of the selected delegates are unable to participate, the next ranked applicant from Prairie/NWT region will be offered delegate status.  If more than one delegate is unable to participate, the second delegate status offering will be to Vancouver/Yukon region since both of these regions had many applicants and we are trying to encourage more regional representation. 

Financial Report

We got our full allocation in.  Now is the time to start submitting event proposals 

Motion to approve the finance report – Jason

Seconded by David

Carried - Unanimous

Sub-group Report


Regional Reports:


3 lunch and learn events (1 on Phoenix and 2 Bargaining Sessions, Montreal and in Quebec)

BC-Yukon Regional Report

North Central Vancouver Island AGM – Angela was the guest speaker.  They wanted bargaining info but there was nothing new to report.  They had elections and Bernie was re-elected as President.

Planning Victoria West event to try and reach out to people.

Prairie – NWT Report

Saskatoon, no updates since last AGM

Need to be prodded.  They have settled on a date for their AGM

Piggy-backing on Branch activities (Steward Appreciation, BBQ in September, Parade on May 25th in conjunction with Prairie Regional Council) Gala Dinner for the 100th anniversary of the Winnipeg Strike

Trying to get a sub-group together in Alberta and talking with people in Regina to try and get a sub-group there too.

Ontario Regional Report

Lunch and learn on Monday the 29th of April. 

Toronto AGM – Tuesday April 30th

Atlantic Region

3 sub-groups should be having their AGMs soon as they are coming upon the 18 month mark. 

Reached out to Sidney members to see about doing a lunch and learn event with them

Halifax members are still talking about the issues with the sub-group.  Will need to approach them with more of an engagement strategy and not really talk about sub-groups again too soon.

NCR Region

Do Better Campaign – trying to organize an event at work

Doing a movie event in May

Want to plan a BBQ for this summer

Member at Large


She will do a proposal for the Halifax engagement trip


Ottawa sub-group has a couple of events planned

Idea for AGM – boat cruise instead of hospitality suite (could go with an hors d’oeuvre menu)

May 14th – Training for new activities in Ottawa – can get to do some activities free

Team Building event for Ottawa and Gatineau sub-groups – perhaps a spa type activity on the weekend

Communications Committee

The committee needs to start working on the newsletter

Youth Committee

Nil Report

By-laws Committee – Peter

The March 1st deadline for submitting by-law resolutions has passed so there will be no changes to by-laws this year. 

PIPSC AGM Committee


AV AGM – James

Professionalism Committee (Peter)


Collective Bargaining Committee – Andree

Last bargaining session was April 2-4.  Still discussing non-monetary proposal items.  Making a little bit of progress but no items signed off this time.  TBS did not provide a counter-proposal to our monetary proposal but they did ask a lot of clarifying questions about our numbers and recruitment and retention rates. 

Market adjustment – one-time adjustment – applied only once. (see AV Group Pay proposal)

Basic economic increase – yearly, cost of living increase (have proposed 3% per year for 4 years)

Mindfulness Committee – Philip

Two articles for the newsletter, whenever it is ready

Took a 7 week course on Mindfulness – We should all be thinking every day of something for which we are grateful.

Group events Committee – Olivia


Motion to adjourn – Yannick

Seconded by Jason