The AV Group National Executive held our recent executive meeting in Ottawa on Saturday January 27, and the main order of business was the voting selection of the Group Bargaining Team.

The competition for bargaining positions was intense as there were many members, executive committee and regular members, interested in joining the Bargaining Team.

The Group Executive voted via ballot, as per our By-Laws and Regulations, on the 2 CO and 2 PG Executive Member candidates, and the 1 CO and 1 PG from the non-executive regular membership. The 1 AU candidate is also from the Executive, for a total of 7 Bargaining Team members.

The 7 successful members and our PIPSC Negotiator that will represent the AU-CO-PG members going forward can be viewed at the following link:

A few highlights:

The CO classification has members representing the CO1 through CO3/CO4 classification.  

To start with CO3 – Gerry Morrissey, a regular member and a Subgroup President from Moncton NB, a CO2 Jean Laberge who is a Subgroup President from Vancouver BC and our BC/Yukon Regional Representative, and a CO1 Tom Georgas from Toronto ON, our Ontario Regional Representative and Member-at-Large with our Toronto Subgroup.

The PG’s are represented by our Group President Ray Paquette PG4, who also wears the hat of Chair of this Committee, Peter Gabriel PG4 our National Vice-President and President of the 2,063 member Gatineau Subgroup, and Gordon Sanford PG5, a long serving member-at-large and also assistant Treasurer in the Gatineau subgroup.

The AU executive member is Raymond Poon is the AV National Group Treasurer.

You can reach out to discuss bargaining related matters directly with the members above, and  note the bargaining team will be organizing an event near you in the coming months.

Congratulations to all the members that were chosen and also a thank you to all the participants in the process. We are counting on hearing from all of you in the future, by communicating your bargaining related issues and needs in the upcoming round.

On behalf of the AV Group National Executive,

Peter Gabriel, CSCMP

Membre, Equipe de négociation  |  Bargaining Team Member

Vice-président Groupe AV Canada  |  Vice-President AV Group Canada