To: All AV Group Regular Members (AU-CO-PG job classifications)

RE: Fall/Winter 2018/2019 Bargaining Information Update

Dear Colleagues,

The Bargaining Team has started its membership engagement in Canada, with bargaining information sessions and presentations held in Nanaimo BC, Victoria BC, Vancouver BC and Halifax NS, which were all advertised on our Group website, and invites were sent via email to our members. These events were held from October 17-19.

An excellent turnout in all cities, except for Halifax, where we had a low turnout. If Halifax members want a bargaining information update session during the lunch hour period in the near future, please contact Bargaining Chair Peter Gabriel directly at (peter underscore _ Gabriel)

And coming soon to you in November and December in person or by video conference:  Saskatoon, Winnipeg, 151 Yonge Street Toronto, City Centre Mississauga, Hamilton, 4900 Yonge Street Toronto, Montreal, Nanaimo, Vancouver, Quebec City, Ottawa, Gatineau QC, St. John’s, Moncton, Fredericton, Victoria, Southern Ontario, Sudbury, Northern Ontario, Kingston and so on.

Our members have expressed interest to be more involved, more informed and we agree. All bargaining team members have made a commitment and want to meet our members directly and deliver our talking points and presentation.

And since we are in the information technology age, many of you will be having the chance to video conference into a presentation, in your time zone, during your lunch period.

A lot of effort is going into this round of bargaining as our team strategy is to keep you informed and to also seek your membership input as you are an advisor to our bargaining committee.


Bargaining Team Members (Left to Right):

Gerry Morrissey (CO), Raymond Poon (AU), Nicolas Daignault (PIPSC Staff Labour Relations Associate), Cara Ryan (PIPSC Staff Negotiator), Peter Gabriel (PG) Group President and Bargaining Chair, Gord Sanford (PG), Jason Huang (CO), Andree Doucet (CO), James Bright (PG) not in photo but teleconferenced in from out of country during the past negotiations held September 25-27th.

Our National President Debi Daviau, who is the Chair of our PIPSC Central Bargaining Committee, will be continuing her commitment to represent all our members and join us from time to time either in person or during a video teleconferencing presentation when her schedule permits.  We also welcome Kim McGuire (CO), to represent all AV Group members, as our rep on the Central Committee.


L to R: Peter Gabriel Group President/ Bargaining Chair, PIPSC National President Debi Daviau, PIPSC Negotiator Cara Ryan

If you would like for the Bargaining Team members to come to your work location or at a friendlier location outside of your work, but near your workplace and within walking distance, please send me an email:

Subject Title: Request for bargaining information session: send to

Check your PIPSC email invitations in the near future and make sure to RSVP to an event near you.

Be smart. Be informed. Come out and participate.

Better Together!

Peter Gabriel

President and Bargaining Chair

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