10 MAR 2017


The President updated the Board on the current state of affairs with the disastrous Phoenix Pay system. The President explained that the Institute requested that the Treasury Board provide an alternate mechanism until the current Pay system is fixed. The President reported that the Federal Government Departments have the ability to implement a solution but have decided not to. The Treasury Board reiterated their statement that they would take steps to extend to people who had not received any pay. Treasury Board promised that these payments will be available members who request them through the current pay system.

The number of transactions backlogged has now reached over 200,000+ which was reported in the news.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) Eddie Gillis reported that Linda Martel (Manager of Membership and Administration for the Institute) would be meeting with Public Service and Procurement Canada (PSPC) to provide the amount of outstanding dues to be collected by the new pay system.

Young Workers Regional Committees:

The Board of Directors passed a motion proposed by the President that Young Workers Regional Committees can be established by Regions. This resolution was for one year and funding would be providing using existing funds and the Board discretionary funds. The Regional Executives will meet to decide if they wish to establish these committees in their Region.

Update on Government Relations:

The President reported: “All I do these days are government relations. Emily (Watkins, Special Advisor to the President) has been helpful in this reguard. She has been developing our government strategy. She helps to deal with capacity issues.” Emily has “Helped develop CLC, Project Summit Strategy and many members of the Board.”

“Pay equity Lobby C-27 and Pharmacare engaged by Emily. Thanks to those that participated and CLC President Hassan Yussuff has had some positive results.” There has been “A lot of inter-department work and interdisciplinary team on such things.“ the president said.

“Tax evasion and reduction in contracting out. Our budget submission will cover off those priorities.” reported the President.

President Daviau continued “For six months it was hard to get in the (government) door. Suddenly the government starting to realize they were not getting the whole picture from senior public servants and opened the door on issues we are interested in. WE got really really busy. Ministers are beginnings to reach out to us now. The ministers are trying to influence us. Minister Foote office contacted us and we went in with our own agenda.”

The Advisory Council will next meet on the 22nd of April 2017.

Glenn Maxwell
Advisory Council Director