Donald Lefebvre - SP Group

I became a steward in the fall of 2016. I’ve had an active role with PIPSC, the SP Group National Executive and the Montreal Sub-Group Executive during this four-year period. I am an effective communicator in both official languages. Highlights during my short tenure include the development of the SP Group Workplan, the management of the SP Group’s budget; and, participation at PIPSC and SP Group AGMs, SP Sub-Group Presidents’ meetings and Quebec regional councils. My experiences at CIPO, an Agency of ISED, give me a great perspective on the challenges faced by members concerning work/life balances and professional/career development. I will continue to promote the importance of scientific integrity and professional development for all SP members. As a member of the SP Group National Executive, I will also support any initiatives that will protect our rights to bargain for a strong Collective Agreement. If given the opportunity to serve as a member of the SP Group National Executive, I promise to do my best to represent SP members and advocate for issues that are important to them.

Donald Lefebvre