Chun-Te (Alex) Ko - NRC-RO/RCO

  • NRC Research Officer since 2005. PIPSC Steward since 2016. NRC RO-RCO Group Executive Member since 2019.

Why I decided to involve in union activities:

  • One of the main reasons that motivated me to get involved in union activities was the tremendous challenge NRC has endured during the Harper era. I witnessed firsthand how the government dismantled world-renowned scientific advances and wiped out the entire community of excellent applied research. I then realized that there were people like myself already in the fight to preserve the scientific integrity in public science so I decided I should do my part to help.

What I believe in:

  • Scientific Integrity:  Science & Technology are the foundation of NRC
  • A clear, fair and tailored promotional criteria for different work/positions: a transparent and fair process is the key to maintain morale, benefiting both our members and the employer. 
  • Proactive and collaborative yet firm approach to address issues with employer
  • Strengthening effort in reaching out to members in regions, smaller centres and smaller facilities where either resource is less abundant, or has very limited participation in union activities.  
  • Encouraging higher participation of non-scientific members from our membership.  

Chun-Te (Alex) KO