The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Anthony (Tony) Goddard Member at Large

Current Involvement:
• CS Group National Communications Officer
• CS Bargaining Team member
• National Organizing Committee (NOC) Steering Committee member
• President NCR Statistics Canada CS Sub-group
• President Statistics Canada National Consultation Team
• NCR Representative on the Bylaws and Policy Committee
• Resolutions Sub-Committee member for PIPSC AGM
• Member-at-large PIPSC NCR Statistics Canada Statistics Canada Branch
• Member PIPSC Working Group on Consultation
• Member PIPSC Advisory Council

• Past CS Group Executive as Labour Relations & Consultation Officer.
• 20 Years in the Public Service as a CS at Statistics Canada.
• Currently completing my first year as a national CS Group member-at-large.
• Active PIPSC Steward for 16 years.
• NCR Statistics Canada CS Sub-group executive member for 16 years, including terms as Secretary, Vice-President and President.
• National Consultation Team member for 16 years.
• Actively represent PIPSC members at the Labour Management Consultation Committee (LMCC), HR-LMCC, Informal Conflict Management System Steering Committee and other union-management consultation committees.
• Professionals Canada Investigation Committee.
• 7 years as a Departmental Rep for DPI.

The CS Group is being faced with many threats and challenges. Our working conditions are deteriorating, our jobs are being contracted out and our benefits are being reduced; all while our wages are stagnating at ‘below cost-of-living’ level increases and we are being paid less than IT workers in other GoC Agencies doing the same work.

The rights and benefits of our members must be protected, including:
• Negotiating the best possible Collective Agreement, without concessions.
• Negotiating wage parity with other IT workers in the Government of Canada.
• Reversing the trend of contacting out CS jobs in all departments.
• Ensuring our benefits and pension plans are protected.
• Protecting the CS members in the new Telework environment and promote change at the Institute to support Stewards in the new workplace reality.
• Addressing the issues of mental health and stress in our current toxic work environment.

I thank you in advance for your support.

Proudly CS,
Tony Goddard