Meeting Minutes 

Tuesday, March 9, 2021 

Zoom Videoconference 

Present: Jennie Esnard, Chair 

Farzana Merani, Prairies - NWT 

Din Kamaldin, Ontario Region 

Charlotte Young, NCR 

Sonia Richard, Québec 

Richard Gaboton, Education Officer 

Shelby Woodman, Staff Support 

Samah Henein, Friend, Prairies – NWT 

Stewart Wong, Friend, Prairies – NWT 

Regrets: Dotty Kelland, Atlantic 

Sohila Sherbafi, BC/Yukon  

1. Call to order/Introductions 

The meeting was called to order at 1:05 p.m. via Zoom videoconference. R. Gaboton  thanked everyone for joining the meeting. As there were new committee members, we  briefly introduced ourselves. J. Esnard also thanked the new committee members for  joining the committee, as well as the current one for their continued efforts and  contributions. 

2. Approval of the Agenda 

The agenda was approved pending minor adjustments. 

3. Approval of the Minutes 

The minutes were approved as presented

4. Individuals seeking help - Indigenous and People of Colour, Francophone 

Over the past few months, the Chair has been inundated with emails from members of  the Indigenous, People of colour, and the Francophone communities who have not  been receiving assistance and respect in their respective regions. 

J. Esnard will forward a matter regarding respect for the Francophone community to S.  Richard. The Chair requested that S. Richard review the matter and provide her with a  recommendation to bring forward at the Board. 

The Chair advised the committee that she will be having a discussion at the Board level  in regards to extending the committee’s membership, as there is a lot of work to be  completed, and with more presence, more can be accomplished. 

As there has been a change over in committee members, the chair advised that the  Women, Disability and People of colour caucuses do require a Chair. Following a  discussion, the portfolios were assigned as follows: 

Women: Farzana Merani 

Disability: Samah Henein 

People of Colour: Stewart Wong & Farzana Merani 

The CLC Convention will be held virtually on June 16 – 18, 2021. As the HRDC  committee members will be attending, J. Esnard will add the new members to the list of  attendees. The committee members will be able to attend different sessions based on  their respective portfolios.  

It was recommended that a pre-meeting be scheduled in advance of the CLC  Convention to ensure that all participants on are on the same page in regards to PIPSC  position on different issues. 

Back Pack: S. Woodman to make note of a further discussion in regards to the  proper references be included in the PIPSC constitution.  

Back Pack: S. Woodman to make note of a resolution in regards to the HRDC  having control of the caucuses.  

Action: S. Woodman to schedule a pre-meeting in advance of the CLC  Conference to discuss PIPSC’ position on different matters. 

5. Board of Directors News 

The Chair informed the committee that the Board has opened up their meetings,  observers may attend, however salary replacement will not be provided.  

There was a discussion in regards to Employment Relations Officers. It some regions,  cases have been on the rise, and others less than usual. It was mentioned that  everyone needs to be aware of the racism, and micro-aggressions, that are being  addressed and forced upon our members.

6. Results from the FPSLREB cases 

The chair advised that there were members who pursued human rights matters on their  own, without representation, and they were successful. The decisions will be made  public by the end of May 2021, at which time, Jennie will share with the committee.  

7. Preparation of a Questionnaire 

There is a desire to create an inclusion index at PIPSC, which will allow the  membership to self-identify. PIPSC needs to be able to measure the lived experiences  of our members, as well as the lived stresses of the membership.  

The Chair advised that staff is currently developing a plan and report as to how this  information will be gathered. A presentation to the board will be presented in  September 2021. 

8. Webinars – Support, process & technology 

There was an inquiry as to how the webinars will be carried out. The Chair advised to  work with R. Gaboton, and Communications will also assist. 

9. Orange Shirt Day 

There was a discussion in regards to Orange Shirt Day. It is symbolic to acknowledge  the damage that the residential schools did to children, and the effect that it still has on  people today.  

The Chair advised that should committee members want to purchase orange shirts,  they should ensure that another group is not already doing the same thing. A request to  purchase the orange shirts should also be submitted to the Chair. 

It was suggested that C. Young provide R. Gaboton with an outline of the webinars and  other ideas in regards to her portfolios.  

10. Anti-Racism Webinars & Anti-Racism Training 

The French Anti-Racism webinar was phenomenal. It was extremely engaging, with  close to 100 participants. The English also went well, with approximately 300  participants. 

There was a discussion in regards to the Anti-Racism training that it be provided to the  Board, stewards, and members. R. Gaboton advised that they are currently in the 

process of vetting different consultants. A proposal is to be presented at the next Board  meeting, scheduled on March 18, 2021.  

Action: The Chair will request that the HRDC receive a copy of the Anti-Racism  training proposal to review, and provide a recommendation to the Board. 

11. AGM Part 2 

There was an inquiry as when the second part of the AGM will be held. The Chair  confirmed that it will be held on April 10, 2021. The HRDC committee members will  available during the AGM, should any concerns be raised.  

The committee briefly discussed some of the resolutions that will be brought forward.  

12. Education Officer Report 

In addition to the Anti-Racism webinars, R. Gaboton worked on different activities to  recognize Black History Month.  

R. Gaboton shared that the Education section is considering holding some training  sessions that will be open to all members, not only for stewards. 

He is currently working on an online Health & Safety course. This course will be offered  to the French membership first, as R. Gaboton committed to writing some courses in  French first.  

13. Roundtable 


Action: The chair will design a role play on micro-aggressions and share with the  committee. 

Action: The Chair will inquire at the next Board meeting if committee members’  internet costs can be reimbursed by the Institute. 

14. Next Meeting Date  

Action: S. Woodman to send a Doodle poll to confirm the next meeting date. 15. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at.3:05 p.m.