The roles and responsibilities of Regional Directors include:

  • speaking on behalf of the Institute on regional issues as authorized by the President;
  • chairing and/or coordinating the Regional Steward Council and Regional Council in their respective jurisdictions, in consultation with the Regional Executive and Institute staff;
  • participating, as required, on Standing Committees, Ad Hoc Committees and Task Forces as established by the Board of Directors;
  • submitting, in a timely fashion, a written report to the Board of Directors on the activities performed in their respective Regions, as well as on discussions and motions resulting from Regional Steward Council and Regional Council meetings, which report shall be distributed to all members in their respective Regions;
  • preparing a newsletter to the members of their respective Regions;
  • promoting work site visits, the creation of Branches and Sub-Groups where appropriate, and the recruitment of Stewards in cooperation with their Regional Executives and Institute staff; and,
  • promoting regional consultation with departments and separate employers in accordance with the Institute Policy on Consultation Committees.