President’s Achievement Award – Guidelines and Nomination Form


The President's Achievement Award recognizes Institute members who exemplify the highest standards of service in their chosen field of work, and who have demonstrated a high level of commitment to promoting professionalism. The sciences, finance, engineering, health, procurement and informatics are among the more than seventy-five professional fields represented by PIPSC.

The Nominators should consider what the Nominee has accomplished to be set apart from others and why the achievement is considered to be above and beyond that which would normally be expected of any PIPSC professional.

The Nominators should assume that the Panel of Judges has only the completed Nomination Form on which to base its decision to approve or not. Therefore specific references, details, and dates concerning the outstanding achievement must be provided.

The attached Nomination Form should be read and used in conjunction with PIPSC By-Law 26.8, Regulation 26.8 and the following requirements and criteria.

1. Only regular, retired, and former members of the Institute are eligible to receive this award.

2. The achievement being recognized must have been performed while the Nominee was a member of the Institute.

3. The Nominee must have demonstrated a high level of commitment in promoting professionalism and, meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • A contribution of exceptional professional dedication under extraordinary circumstances or exceptional contribution in professional team building, management practices or client relations and service;
  • Successful completion of a project, the results of which reflect a high order of merit;
  • An outstanding, unique achievement, innovation, or trend-setting initiative in the nominee’s profession.

4. At least three (3) persons may nominate any eligible person.

5. The names, addresses, and positions of at least two (2) references, qualified in the Nominee's profession, must be provided.

6. Previous nominations for this award may be resubmitted.

7. Achievements within the previous two (2) years will be given greater weight in the selection process.

8. The Nomination Form must be completed as thoroughly as possible and should not exceed 1200 words (incomplete nominations will be returned to the Nominators for completion or will not be considered).

9. Supplemental information may be attached to the completed Nomination Form. As supporting documentation will not be returned, original papers and/or publications should not accompany the nomination. A list of papers and publications is acceptable.

10. The completed Nomination Form must be received by the Institute no later than September 2, 2022 at 5 p.m. (Ottawa Time).

Nominations may also be sent by email to or by fax to 1-800-465-7477.

Nomination form

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