2021 CP Election_Susan Evans

My name is Susan Evans and I live in St. John’s, NL. I am putting my name forward as a candidate in the the Commerce & Purchasing (CP) Group executive as the Atlantic Regional Representative. I believe being involved at the local, regional and national levels of both unions have afforded me many opportunities to learn and participate in the processes that shape our workplaces. I want to offer my time and energy to the CP Group Executive so I can further the interests of my fellow members, represent your views on matters affecting us all and ensure that the interests of the CP Group are represented in all proceedings of the employer and the union.

I have a great relationship with management and look to find solutions to problems that help members. My goal is to ensure members are heard and that their voice is amplified when it comes to the many common issues we share. These include: protecting our pension, sick leave and promoting a better work life balance; human rights and diversity; outsourcing; transparent staffing processes; respectful and professional workplaces; open workspaces; and health and safety, which has become more important now than ever.

Union Experience:

2006 – 2014: Active member of PSAC Local in various positions, including Secretary, Vice-President and President.

2014 – Present: Active member of PIPSC CP Group

2016 – Worked with other members to establish a local PIPSC sub- group for St. John’s (CP Group)

2017 to Present – Secretary of St. John’s Sub- Group for the CP Group

2018 to Present – PIPSC Steward

2019 to Present – Consultation President for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA)


Thank you kindly for your consideration and if elected, I will listen to your concerns and work for a better future for all members.

Susan Evans

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