Phoenix Pay System

On behalf of our members, the Institute continues to express our very serious concerns with the new Phoenix pay system and to urge the government to fix the system as quickly as possible.

On April 28, 2017, the Institute filed two policy grievances against the Employer on behalf of members. You can read more about these policy grievances here.

The signing of collective agreements and the implementation of new rates of pay has dramatically increased the volume of pay-related issues being referred to our Regional Offices.

As a result of this dramatic increase and ongoing technical issues with Phoenix, PIPSC is currently reviewing our practices to better serve affected members. Until new changes are implemented, we encourage members to follow the steps below in relation to all pay-related issues, including retroactive pay issues stemming from the implementation of new collective agreements:

  1. Continue to raise all pay-related issues with your managers and to follow the steps outlined on the Employer’s website.
  1. If you have an issue with your pay, including back pay, notify your manager and complete the required Phoenix Feedback Form. Be sure to identify under Step 1 that you are missing pay, and to select the most applicable drop-down menus in Step If a form is missing information, it will be automatically rejected!
  1. If you require emergency or priority pay, ask your manager for help in completing a request for emergency salary advance / priority pay through your Department.
  1. To request an update on a Phoenix case that was previously submitted, complete the Phoenix Case Status Request form.
  1. If your pay stub does not provide clear or complete pay information, use your Intranet-based Compensation Web Applications, which have additional pay information not included on pay stubs. Members are also encouraged to review the Public Service Pay Centre’s guidance site.
  1. In the event that you are not receiving any pay, or if you experience difficulties getting the employer to process your emergency/priority pay request, we encourage you to contact your local Employment Relations Officer in the regional office nearest to you to help access emergency or priority pay, as the situation warrants. (PIPSC also offers loans to members especially hard hit by Phoenix. To find out more click here.)

Help us keep the pressure on government to fix Phoenix. Wear a “Fix Phoenix” button, available by contacting

23 August 2016
Dear Members, The Phoenix pay system continues to pose major problems for our members in the federal government. PIPSC remains committed to looking for ways to assist individual members as well as to work with senior public servants and elected officials to find solutions.
9 August 2016
I haven’t been paid since I started.
4 August 2016
The union of public service professionals is offering help to students in the federal public service who are facing Phoenix pay problems.
2 August 2016
PIPSC is reaching out to students hard hit by the federal government’s Phoenix pay problems
28 July 2016
PIPSC President Debi Daviau will attend the emergency committee meeting on Phoenix today on Parliament Hill at 2 p.m.
28 July 2016
The Parliamentary Committee on Government Operations will hold an emergency meeting on Thursday, July 28, 2016, 2-4 p.m. to discuss the Phoenix Pay System. The Committee meeting will stream live from
20 July 2016
Dear Members,
6 July 2016
The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) is calling on the federal government to pay interest on delayed or underpaid paycheques due to problems with its Phoenix pay system.
16 June 2016
Re: Loans to Members facing financial hardship due to pay transformation system Dear Members,
10 June 2016
Dear Members,
10 June 2016
On behalf of our members, the Institute continues to express our very serious concerns with the new Phoenix pay system.
2 May 2016
Fellow Members,