14 August 2018
YOUR AFS GROUP NEWSLETTER - Summer 2018 From the President … I would personally like to thank all of our AFS stewards and members for their constant support through our last round of bargaining.
31 July 2018
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27 July 2018
Précis June 6, 2018 AFS Executive Meeting
10 July 2018
Précis May 2, 3, 2018 AFS Executive Meeting
12 June 2018
We would like to provide an update on the PSTAR grievances, FPSLREB File Nos. 566.34.9832 & 9833 (Myles & Alcock). The Labour Board (FPSLREB) scheduled hearing dates in these matters on October 2-5, 2018 in Toronto. The Board should assign a specific location in Toronto shortly.
11 June 2018
AFS Group Executive Elections:  The Results
30 May 2018
Précis March 26, 2018 AFS Executive Meeting
23 May 2018
Recent announcements about the possible transfer of workload from CRA to Revenu Québec have created an atmosphere of uncertainty for many of our dedicated AFS members.