17 July 2017
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6 July 2017
  On July 6, 2017 the Institute and the employer signed the SH collective agreement. Today’s signing of the SH Group collective agreement follows the group’s ratification in March 2017 of the tentative agreement reached with the employer in December 2016.
27 June 2017
The SH Group was formed in 1999 and is comprised of nine (9) different professions: Dentistry (DE), Medicine (MD), Nursing (NU), Nutrition and Dietetics (ND), Occupational and Physical Therapy (OP), Pharmacy (PH), Psychology (PS), Social Work (SW), and Veterinary Medicine (VM).
20 June 2017
Hello everyone, Since joining PIPSC's Social Health Group Executive as the Social Work representative a few months ago, I have now attended two SH group meetings and more recently, the AGM on 10 June in Ottawa.
18 April 2017
April 18 , 2017 To all SH Group members, Some of you have asked why it can take weeks or sometimes months between the time a collective agreement is ratified by members and the day it is signed and implemented.
17 March 2017
PREAMBLE These By-Laws, in general, pertain to matters of Group organization not covered by the By-Laws and Regulations of The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada and are made pursuant to those By-Laws and Regulations.