Member/Steward Training Framework

“Managed Career Progression” Presented by Ontario Region Training Committee to:

Training and Education Committee

Strategic Approach and Gap Analysis

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Our Goal was to come up with a basic framework for the Training and Education Committee. One that would build on what we had already, but also clearly indicate where certain types of training/education/information would have the biggest impact, where we could do a better job on training/education/information, and where we have gaps that require training/education/information.

  1. Identify Target Audience and classify by Knowledge and Experience (‘Member / Steward Milestones’)
  2. Perform Gap Analysis and apply existing and suggested Training best suited to each ‘Career Milestone’.
  3. Identify Stakeholders and ask them to provide input to further ‘flesh-out’ the framework.

Member / Steward Milestones

  • Categories of ‘Basic’ and ‘Advanced’ Steward are limiting. The current model ignores Advanced Steward and Member Training.
  • Milestones better identify distinctive points of ‘career’ progression in order to direct specific training.
  • The bullet points in this slide attempt to characterize some of a member’s/steward’s knowledge/activity/interest/expectations at these milestones to help us pinpoint the best method/time to deliver training/engagement.

Managed Union ‘Career’ Progression and Guidance







Member Training and Engagement


  • Members will have varied levels of interest in PIPSC.  The model below allows for a gradual progression from Introduction to Engagement as well as provide (Online) Training and Information to ‘Active’ Non-Stewards including Retired Members.
  • From a standpoint of how we deliver this info – the last two boxes - “Interested Members” and “Active Members/Active Retired Members” are somewhat interchangeable – they could both be linked off the same page for instance.
  • Online Training For Members should be provided outside of the Web-portal – and not require an account.

Provide: Resources, Information and Opportunities for Self Learning and Advancement




Steward Training and Mentoring

Our Training plan must have elements of Steward Engagement, Recruitment and Advancement.    From one milestone to the next, there needs to be some form of acknowledgement of the Steward’s achievements and guidance for future advancement. We may wish to consider a list of minimum expectations at each of these levels as well.

  • Online Training For Members should be provided inside the portal and require the Steward’s credentials for tracking and acknowledgement.

Provide: In-Classroom, Peer and ERO Guided Learning, Networking and Mentorship






  • Training and Education Committee (TEC)
  • PIPSC Education Section
  •  EROs and Regional Offices
  • Regional Training Committees
  • Advisory Council (AC) and Working Group on Consultations (WGC)
  • Groups
  • Stewards
  • Retired Members Guild (RMG)
  • Members

The TEC Committee should decide to what degree each of the stakeholders should participate in filling out the framework as well as the most valuable way of acquiring their input.)