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1 May 2017
“We look forward to welcoming these new members into our community of dedicated professionals who serve Canadians every day. We believe we will be stronger together”, said PIPSC President Debi Daviau. “Our goal is to ensure that they maintain their current terms and conditions of employment and that the deeming process goes as smoothly as possible as they transition to occupational groups represented by the Institute”.
1 May 2017
To ensure that you are protected by a union as soon as possible, the Institute has submitted an application to the Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board (PSLREB) under Section 58 of the Public Service labour Relations Act to become your bargaining agent as soon as possible. This would allow you to have official representatives working on your behalf prior to April 2018. We will communicate with you about the status of this application on a regular basis in the weeks and months ahead. In the meantime, we have prepared the following Questions and Answers to assist you during the transition period.
28 April 2017
Representatives from several public service unions reacted cautiously yesterday to the creation of a government working group to tackle the Phoenix pay system.
27 April 2017
"Feds to forgo $140-million in booked savings as they try to fix pay problems" published in the Globe and Mail on April 27, 2017
27 April 2017
"Trudeau tasks high-level cabinet group with fixing Phoenix" published on iPolitics on April 27, 2017
27 April 2017
The announcement today that the federal government will reallocate $140 million over two years to ensure federal employees affected by the Phoenix payroll system are properly paid is a welcome, if long overdue, commitment to fix Phoenix once and for all, says the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC).
26 April 2017
Dear Members,
24 April 2017
On April 24, 2017, the Joint Union-Management Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion launched an online survey to gather ideas to identify contributing factors to an inclusive workplace and barriers to inclusion faced by employees.