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9 November 2018
"Never underestimate the motivation of the forces that are fighting our unions." Steven Kreisberg, AFSCME The theme of the 99th AGM was “Crossroads,” alluding to the choice that lies before PIPSC and the labour movement. 
8 November 2018
On behalf of its members and staff, the Institute is proud to honour all Canadians who served during the various wars in which our great nation participated.
7 November 2018
It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Iris Craig November 4, 2018.  One of the Institute’s longest-serving Presidents, Iris Craig was first elected President on January 1, 1986 and retired on December 31, 1993. At that time, PIPSC represented 34,000 members under 52 separate occupational groups under 13 different employers.
5 November 2018
Members of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) on November 3 concluded their Annual General Meeting, and weeks of voting, by announcing the re-election of Debi Daviau as PIPSC President for a further three-year term.
3 November 2018
At  6:03 p.m. on Saturday, November 3, 2018, President Debi Daviau returned to the podium to give her closing remarks.
3 November 2018
On behalf of the PIPSC 2018 National Elections Committee and Committee Chair Jim McMillan,  Elections Committee member Stephan Moushian presented to the AGM the report of the results of the 2018 PIPSC National Elections
3 November 2018
PIPSC President and Legacy Foundation Chair Debi Daviau thanked the members in all the Regions for their fundraising efforts and contributions to the Legacy Foundation.
3 November 2018
Delegates viewed a video update on the Institute’s Legacy Foundation, including brief profiles of this year’s scholarship laureates.