PIPSC Members Participate in Phoenix Day of Action

Last Friday marked the ‘sad’ first anniversary of the Phoenix pay system’s implementation. The first year of Phoenix can only be characterized as an abject failure. It has meant prolonged anxiety and pay problems for federal public service professionals across the country.

To keep the pressure on government to find a speedy and lasting solution as well as ensure adequate resources are dedicated to the problem, we held a Day of Action.

Since Phoenix has not been providing us with any relief, PIPSC members were asked to use their regular morning coffee break to send a message. Members across the country were encouraged to get together in their workplaces over coffee and a sweet, take a photo of themselves urging the government to “Fix Phoenix,” and post them on social media sites. Over a hundred members alone came to our #fixphoenix photo booth at Place du Portage to spread the message that we need an end to Phoenix problems for good. Check out the photos of members demanding a fix to the flawed system.

Last Thursday, PIPSC President Debi Daviau also joined the leaderships of PSAC and CAPE at a press conference to demand that extra resources be included in the next federal budget. The funds would ensure the government has the resources to implement a fix and provide proper supports for all employees. President Daviau also issued a clear call for training of our CS IT community to ensure the public service is not handcuffed to IBM for the next 40 years. Phoenix is a clear example of a mismanaged, outsourced IT modernization project. If we are ever going to stop similar problems from occurring in the future the government needs to invest today in its in-house capacity to implement upgrades and maintain the pay system we all deserve.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Day of Action!

Day of Action

Day of Action

Day of Action

Day of Action  Day of Action